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Deskmoz integrates Sixth Sense into Customer Conversations with its Live Chat Service Providers

Deskmoz, a leading chat answering service provider, does not take customer support even a slightest bit casually. The team has been taking every possible step to ensure that the customer queries should be resolved the minute they crop up in their mind, irrespective of their place and time.

The conversations undertaken with the customers and clients are of high quality and not just aim at telling the answer to the customer’s query. The rigorous training provided by the efficient management staff at DeskMoz ensures that the live chat operators are ready in every sense to interact with the customers in such a way that they leave the chat fully satisfied. The live chat agents are inculcated with such premium training regarding the mindset of a regular customer that they are able to identify the customer expectations before they describe it, as well as in a scenario where they are not able to communicate it properly.

Mr. Ashish Biyani, the co-founder of DeskMoz, is very happy with the performance of his staff and said “replying well and listening closely is the highest degree of perfection that we are striving hard to attain in the chat answering service we deliver.”

The live chat agents give undivided customer to each and every customer so that they do not feel that the concerned person is just in a haste to answer and leave the conversation. The company basically works on the belief system of serving customers to the highest and finest degree possible. 

The company strongly believes in the motto that making time investment and ensuring good customer service are like making a fortune rather than focusing on the sales figure which can only help in making a living.  Reassuring customer regarding their problem or query is a significant task to be undertaken by live chat agents so that they do not drop the idea of buying the product from the client. In the market situation where thousands of alternate solutions to a service are available a click away, having an edge over other competitors is the most important aspect. DeskMoz, as explained on its website http://deskmoz.com/, has efficiently used its chat answering service to gain this edge in the market.

Getting an insight into the customers’ expectation and queries is what the live chat operators at DeskMoz strive for. The clients have reported a good feedback based on the unfiltered chat they receive due to the chat transparency feature of the software. They have observed happy customers leaving the live chat sessions, thereby enhancing their image in the market.

DeskMoz has always considered customer as its greatest asset. The live chat agents treat every individual customer and give such unparalled attention to him as he is the only one. Integrating sixth sense into the live chat and knowing the customer expectation before they tell has taken the online chat support to a new level creating a benchmark in the area of customer support services. 

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09/29/18 02:49:52PM @masterseo:
Thank you music rush for sharing this Live Chat Service Providers post. Also the post about random chat site was quite impressive. Deskmoz integrates Sixth Sense into Customer Conversations which really works well.