Fallout 76 needs an offline mode

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I don't particularly enjoy essentially rewriting an article I've already written, as I said this exact thing before Fallout 76 was released. And yet spending a full 24 hours with the game (as an in-game challenge completion pop-up helpfully told me), I have evolving thoughts on this. Namely, I still very much believe that Fallout 76 needs an offline mode.I thought one of two things could happen when I got to play the full release of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps

I would see the light and understand that yes, this game really is better on live servers with other people.The game is so bad that an offline mode would do nothing to save it. I'm not quite all the way in camp two yet, as I believe that many players could have a pretty good time treating Fallout 76 like something of an unfinished (very unfinished) main series game. The reason being is that's because that's how I'm effectively playing the game now.If one thing has surprised me about Fallout 76 more than anything, it's not the bugs or the crashses, it's the sheer and utter avoidance of what was supposed to be its central concept, a Fallout world filled with other players.

But in practice, you can easily play this game pretending no one else exists but you. And even not going out of your way to avoid other people, you will simply...almost never see them. 24 players on a server sounds like a lot until you realize just how massive and spread out this map is. As such, playing solo, I have only had two meaningful encounters with other players. One was positive, me teaming up with a guy to take down a few tougher enemies, one was aggressive, where I sniped a dude ten levels lower than me who was trying to take over my workshop, and then stole his stuff to teach him a lesson. These moments were amusing enough, I suppose, but they lasted a total of maybe ten minutes out of 24 hours of gameplay. I'd say 22 of those hours have gone by without me seeing a single other person.

The point I'm trying to make that is that practically nothing about Fallout 76 would change for the worse for me and the way I play in an offline mode. Want to get online and play with your friends? Go nuts, you can still do that, but for people like me who are never going to convince their friends to buy a game I cannot even safely recommend at $60 anyway, it's a different story. The purpose of an offline version of Fallout 76 would be that you would be gaining a lot of stuff back that has been sacrificed to make Buy Fallout 76 Caps work as an online-only experience. I listed most of these in my last article, but playing more, there are even more benefits I can find.

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