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 2009 was a mad year for 9Lies!

It seen us tour Germany for the 1st time, and work with legendary producer Stuart Epps, (Hearing his stories about everyone from Robbie Williams to Oasis). But more than that we have made the massive leap from Indie with the announcement of our first big budget UK single release since signing with Maddie Records in June. WooHOO! Nostalgia Time!!

Since the release in 2006 of the 'Behind It All' album, its been a rollercoaster ride, with Blind being snapped up by Warner TV, and the title track finding home as the theme tune to 'Our Prisoner' in the USA.
In 07 the Song Slippin Away was downloaded more than 143,000 times and chosen by ASCAP for excellence in song writing at Music Expo in L.A.
And last year was our biggest to date, seeing us travel to Poland to play the Vena Music Festival in Łódź to thousands of screaming fans alongside the Sugababes and Fun Lov'in Criminals,AnD tHeRe's MoRe...

Being invited to play FMI in Brazil, licensing 'We R1' to Techno Sweat, and the release of the first video game ever to use our music  Trucker 2 is imminent! And to top it all off we have just returned from a fantastic European tour from St Augustine to Aachen. Oh Yeah!! Thanks for your continued support. We'll work day and daily to keep you proud, and make 2010 our biggest ever!!

For additional resources about the band, check out the following links! MySpace Music ,9Lies BEBO, 9Lies on iTunes, 9Lies Live @ The Vena Music Festival Łodź Poland, and 9LIES-09 . Or visit - The home of Alternative Rock Band 9Lies



Killers, Foo Fighters, Green Day, U2, Stereophonics, Snow Patrol, ASH, G'N'R, Nirvana

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9Lies Rock Band Talking to INTV About the Vena Festival Lodz

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