FEDDY “Ts’u’n’me & Tsunami”

Songs off an upcoming full-length solo album Released on The Orchard, iTunes, FG Nikitin (Russian edition), CD baby (Russian edition)  Feddy Lavrov – a well-known singer songwriter, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and sound producer from St.Petersbourg, Russia. Ever been sorry for the fatal blunder of being not born an Englishman. Started learning English at the age of 25. Started playing drums, guitars and singing since school punk band “Self eradication Dpt.”, which was banned by the KGB after few tape records been promoted by friends. 

After the entire situation of corruption in the Russian show business had turned Freddy’s ex-band BEGEMOT to split, he decided once and for ever walks his own way, never listen to those who insisted to write songs in Russian never follow the streams of Russian Pop, radio formats and sink down in the quagmire of Russian Pop Music deeper on. The BEGEMOT had existed for five years already since the very first gig in 1996, released four albums and few compilations, gigged and toured a lot, been praised as “The best New Act” in 1998 and never earned a penny, thanks to piracy, money default, corruption in Moscow’s show business and total poverty of music lovers in Russia these years. 

It’s been said “Rock Is Dead”, but it has never been even BORN or LIVING in Russia! 

In 2001 Feddy recorded his first solo demo called “Daddy’s Old Drum”, using possible outdated recording equipment (old mixing desk, microphones, ADAT, tape recorders, speakers, guitar amplifiers, his first ever drum kit presented him to his 14th birthday by his mum) in order to produce some different sounds. Feddy performed all instruments but violins alone. 12 tracks of an outstanding record quality were out and very highly reviewed by different people in the world. There is a page dedicated to this Feddy’s record written by Leigh Silberg from United Global Artists, USA ( As a sound producer Feddy succeeded a year before the bands like Strokes and White Stripes appeared, however “Daddy’s Old Drum” has never reached its goal. Still unsigned but indefatigable Feddy started his new recording term with friendlier studio based on a computer. After some of new tracks were finished and sent out to labels and publishers under name of “Somnambula” Feddy made close friends with Graham Sclater from Tabitha Music Ltd, Exeter, UK in 2003. His new publisher persuaded Feddy not to keep on waiting until any label is interested in investigating in the new project but keep on recording the album on his own. With increased quality of sound, fine performance Feddy can provide it should be cheaper and faster. With his fingers crossed and loads of money earned by selling rights to performing some of his songs to other band from Moscow, Feddy upgraded his home studio and settled down to work. 

It took him more than a year to get all tracking recorded, all arrangements many times re-done and ___THE BRAND NEW STYLE was born! By the time the album is finished up and Feddy comes to your town with his new backup band, everybody will know ROCK’N’RAVE and how to ROCK and RAVE at the same time! 

As on the previous record all instruments were performed and recorded by Feddy alone. No other band’s samples were used. With Pro Tools as an analog, Propellerhead Reason as a MIDI software Feddy could have produced the sound very close to or even indistinguishable from the expensive studios’ as so some of musicians turned their heads to Feddy’s ability to mix down and ordered him to finish their records. This is how Feddy became a well paid sound producer in St.Petersbourg. 

From Feddy’s point of view he has made a mixture of ideologically and historically contrary styles of music – Rock and Techno. Pumping kicks, rocking drumbeats, heavy guitars, mellow keyboards, heavy synths and sweet guitar solos – everything along with always catchy melodies and lyrics is on the upcoming album. This is a romantic (sometimes even gothic) but still full of good humor and harsh protest work of art, a slice of life of a common contemporary person, described in unforgettable songs. 

Find FEDDY on’s music on Feddy Lavrov’s sound producing work on   Selferadication Dpt.      Soundtracks written by Feddy Lavrov           Dunja’s music arranged and recorded by Feddy LavrovReviews:  (about “Daddy’s Old Drum”) (“Daddy’s Old Drum” and “Feddy”’s demo) (Begemot)

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