9 easy ways to get rid of a lot of sweating, how hot it needs to be!

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The weather is hot like hell. I sweat a lot. Out more easily than usual But do you know that we actually have a way to reduce sweat without difficulty. slotxo Let's try to get rid of sweat.
 Saw the sun and was tired as if to faint In this summer, many people are depressed. And even after having just finished taking a shower, the sweat is already flooded again Oh .. like this, I won't be able to see this. Let's reduce sweat in a simple way.

1. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.
        If you notice that you sweat easily Sweat a lot Try wearing oversized clothing to improve airflow. The fabrics that should be worn should be cotton, spun, light fabrics. This will allow air to flow easily, not damp, sweat will decrease.

2. Wear light-colored shirts
        Because dark shirts will absorb more heat than light colored shirts. During the hot weather, the sun is strong, it is best to wear light-colored clothes. To help reduce the absorption of heat from the outside air into the body.

3. Choose deodorant products to help reduce sweat.
        Deodorants containing aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex will help block pores. Can reduce the occurrence of sweating It also helps reduce body odor as well.

4. Drink lots of water.
        Drinking water in addition to helping to immediately relieve the heat. Water also lowers the body temperature. Which may cause the amount of sweat to be reduced there

5. Eat succulent food to have a cooling effect.
        Foods that have a cooling effect include cucumber, melon, cantaloupe, tomato, chrysanthemum and grass, which will help quench the body heat. As well as help reduce sweat another way

6. Eat smaller meals instead of heavy meals.
        Eating smaller meals will help reduce your metabolism. Resulting in lower body temperature as well But if eating heavy meals The body requires more energy to burn. Which will cause body heat Sweat will come out more easily.

7. Avoid spicy food.
        Foods that are spicy, hot, such as tom yum, papaya salad, chilli, a food that helps sweat. Therefore, if you do not want to sweat a lot, try to avoid spicy food first.

8. Choose shoes that are easy to ventilate.
        If you can wear flip-flops, you might want to wear sandals instead of canvas. Because the soles of the feet are the parts that the body will cool off So if wearing sneakers Or leather shoes May cause dampness, resulting in sweating easily.

9. lose weight
         Try to control the weight to not exceed the standard. Or simply call it not fat because if we are fat The fat that penetrates the pores makes it difficult for the body to cool. This time, the sweat was squarely broken.

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