How to Set up Roadrunner Email Account?

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Here are the steps are given below to Set up Roadrunner Email Account. Follow these steps to setup your email account.

These steps have been updated for Android 5.

  1. Launch the Email app.
  2. Enter your RoadRunner email address, then tap “Next“.
  3. Select “Personal (POP3)“, then tap “Next“.
  4. Type your RoadRunner password, then tap “Next“.
  5. Enter the following information for “Incoming server settings“:
    • Username: Your full email address with included at the end (this will vary based on your location. Maybe or something else).
    • Password: Your RoadRunner email password.
    • Server: (this will vary based on your location check here for a list).
    • Port: 110
    • Security type: None
  6. When done, tap “Next“.
  7.  Enter the following information for “Outgoing server settings“:
    • Server: (domain varies based on location check here for a list).
    • Port: 587 (May also be 25)
    • Security type: None
    • Require sign-in: Check
    • Username: (domain varies based on location)
    • Password: Your RoadRunner email password.
  8. Tap Next“, then “Next” again.
  9. Type a name in the “Your name” field. This is the name that will be shown to people when they receive email from you.
  10. Tap “Next“.

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Kaitlyn john
Kaitlyn john
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