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A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Al began seriously working on music 17 years ago, but it was not until after he had a near death experience a few years ago that he undertook music full time. For the last few years he has divided his time between acting and music. Al worked in many theatre productions as well as many television commercials with celebrities such as Pete Sampras and productions such as CBS' ‘As The World Turns.’

“Shadows” is Al’s debut CD. It is comprised of melodies with many different energies, all creating one journey. “Many of the songs on this CD are very meaningful to me, and some come from much pain and growth. It was from seeking deep within my own shadows that I arrived where I am today and it was not easy. I think this CD is a result of that. I also like instrumental pieces. I cannot tell you what to feel. It is up to you. New Age instrumental music allows the listener the freedom of their own interpretation.”

One sentiment seems to be the same for all who listen to Al's music: the feeling of healing. “It was amazing when I started getting feedback about the music. People would keep saying how healing and peaceful it was. Now, it seemed strange to me because a song like ‘Oblivion’ is not exactly lullaby material! But, in the synergy it becomes a steppingstone, a rite of passage, if you will.” And so it goes...





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