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Q: how much does the JS500 concrete mixer weigh?
Answer: the dead weight of JS500 concrete mixer for sale is different manufacturer, the steel that USES is different, weight also is to have certain difference. Weight is also a factor in measuring the quality of a piece of equipment. After all, equipment with solid materials will last longer or even double, so weight can be used as a measure, but it is not the only factor. Like a car, aluminum may be lighter and stronger, but it's not necessarily worse than iron. In addition, as an aggregate of multi-clock parts, if the quality of JS500 concrete mixer is excellent, it is also determined by the processing technology, welding quality, flexibility and durability of the spare parts, which is a comprehensive evaluation. Quality alone cannot be judged. This is like, the Soviet equipment is known to be relatively rough and bulky, the quality of the absolute advantage, but performance must be better than similar equipment made in Japan? That requires a question mark. Of course, for steel equipment, this can be one of the reference factors. We suggest that the purchase of concrete mixing plant, JS500 concrete mixer this kind of equipment to the factory field inspection, personally understand the decision.

Haoemi products concrete mixer series, YHZS35 mobile concrete batching plant for sale, small and medium sized series concrete batching plant, stabilized soil mixing station, concrete mixer, concrete mixing station auxiliary equipment, JS500 concrete mixer for sale and other products, product quality excellent, prices affordable, well received by the masses of users, the best-selling all over the world. First-class quality, quality service, is the company's consistent purpose, the company abide by the contract, the implementation of three guarantees, consignment, reasonable price, warmly welcome the majority of new and old customers to visit negotiate and buy.

Speaking of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China is not unfamiliar to us, this is a specially prepared by asphalt mixing unit equipment, in fact, the real lack of understanding is its gas system, even the asphalt mixing plant gas system often appear accumulation fault is not very clear. Facts have proved that only by properly maintaining the various systems of equipment can efficient production and good benefits be achieved.

The following is the asphalt mixing plant will often occur four types of gas system failures, one by one analysis of the causes behind the fault.

One, asphalt mixing plant gas source fault
In fact, the DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China air source failure is not more than one kind, and is not fixed in a component, its internal air compressor, reducing valve, pipeline, compressed air processing components are likely to appear similar fault.
In the case of air compressors, slow pressure rise is often caused by a damaged stop valve, piston ring, or blocked air filter. For pipes, leaks can also occur due to leaking joints and broken hoses. Pressure relief valve failure is not high pressure, that is because the pressure regulating spring rupture or diaphragm rupture caused by.

Two, asphalt mixing station on the valve of the fault
The specific performance is unable to reverse or the reverse movement is slow; The valve core seal ring is badly damaged; Pilot solenoid valve inlet, exhaust hole is blocked, can not normally reverse, and so on.
In view of the above problems, in addition to paying attention to check the working state of the oil mist device and the state of the lubricating oil, but also pay attention to cleaning each part, so that they keep a good degree of cleanliness; In addition, don't forget to replace damaged parts in time to reduce the occurrence of problems.

Three, asphalt mixing station cylinder performance of the fault
Internal and external leakage of cylinder; Insufficient output force and unsteady movement; Poor buffering; Piston rod and cylinder head damage are included; The causes of the problem are also different, and specific measures should be taken after identifying the root causes.

Failure of pneumatic auxiliary components in asphalt mixing plant
In addition to the above mentioned different fault performance, DHB40 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China gas system there are oil mist, automatic sewage, muffler and other auxiliary devices, under the influence of bad factors they will also appear different fault, such as oil mist device liquid oil droplets can not atomize; The oil and water in the automatic sewage device cannot be automatically removed; The sensitivity of the silencer is disturbed and so on.

As one of the equipment of the low price hzs75 stationary concrete batching plant, the concrete mixer is extremely versatile. With the advancement of science and technology, the production technology of concrete mixers has developed rapidly. There are many types of concrete mixers according to different concrete production needs and manufacturing technologies.

Among them, self-falling mixer and forced mixer are two of them. As two different types of mixers, there are the following differences:

The most commonly used mixers today are forced mixers. China JS500 concrete mixer is divided into a single horizontal shaft forced mixer and a double horizontal shaft forced mixer. The stirring amount of the forced type mixer is larger than that of the self-falling type mixer. The self-falling mixer is mainly composed of a frame, a support wheel, a mixing drum, a curved beam, a handle, and a motor.

The stirring cylinder is composed of a cone, a cylinder and a U-shaped body. The difference between self-falling mixer and forced mixer: The inner wall of the mixing bowl of the self-falling mixer has no blades. The materials are mixed by rolling the mixer drum. Arc-shaped blades are welded on the inner wall of the mixer drum of the forced mixer. When the mixer drum rotates around the horizontal axis, the blade continuously raises the material to a certain height, then falls freely and blends with each other.

Self-dropping mixer is suitable for mixing plastic concrete and low-flow concrete. The mixing effect of the discount JS750 concrete mixer is stronger than that of the self-dropping mixer. It is suitable to mix dry hard concrete and light aggregate concrete, as well as liquid concrete. The self-falling mixer relies on the rotation of the mixing tank to raise the internal concrete to the upper part of the tank, and then falls down, so that the circulation is continuously stirred. The forced mixer is a stationary tank, which is agitated and mixed inside with a stirring claw. Its effect and efficiency are better than the self-dropping type.

The mixer drum of the self-falling mixer is placed vertically. With the rotation of the mixing drum, the concrete mixture is free-falling in the mixing drum to achieve the purpose of mixing. The barrel and blade of the self-falling mixer have less wear and tear, and are easy to clean, but have large power consumption and low efficiency.

The cheap JS2000 concrete mixer has the advantages of good mixing quality, fast mixing speed, high production efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and safety. However, the machine parts are severely worn, and generally need to be lined with high-strength alloy steel or other wear-resistant materials, which are mostly used in centralized mixing stations. The self-falling mixer mainly uses the self-weight of the materials in the mixing drum to save energy. However, due to the influence of material adhesion and friction, the mixing process has a large abrasion on the concrete aggregate, which has an adverse effect on the quality of the concrete. Therefore, the self-falling type is gradually being replaced by a forced mixer.

Different types have different impacts on production. Users choose different types of equipment according to their production needs. This increases the scope of production for users. At the same time, two different types of concrete mixing station equipment Type also has some corresponding targeted production directions.

Control the Defects of Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel coil because of its ideal corrosion resistance, forming, welding and coating, and other comprehensive properties and low cost, good appearance, and other advantages, a large number of construction, automobile, household appliances and other industries. In the production of the galvanized coil, there will be linear bulged, raised head grain defects, affecting the quality of products, customer use, need to control.

A. linear projections
The appearance morphology of linear convex defects is generally distributed along the rolling direction in a linear distribution of different lengths, which looks like scratch defects. The difference is that the number of linear convex defects is not fixed, but the relative position is fixed. The cause of the formation of the defect is due to a raw material defect.

Control measures:
1. Optimize composition design of steelmaking process and focus on adjusting manganese sulfur ratio of molten steel; At the same time, the water quantity system of two cold water seasons is formulated to distinguish the disturbance caused by winter and summer season factors.
2. In the continuous casting stage, select the mould without coating on the upper half and coating on the lower half.
3. Strengthen the management of the previous galvanizing process and equipment, and try to avoid scratches caused by the equipment. At the same time, the maximum rolling force of reducing the pass number is considered to reduce the damage of rolled material caused by excessive shearing.

B. defect of forehead wrinkles
Because some of them resemble wrinkles on a person's forehead, they are called forehead wrinkles. Many factors such as transverse striation defect of hot dip galvanizing sheet, the fluidity of zinc solution and the formation of Kirschner air mass in continuous annealing process are easy to lead to the defect of the raised head.

Control measures:
1. Appropriately increase the temperature and steel strip speed of zinc solution, or reduce the aluminum content in zinc solution and increase the height of air knife, so as to increase the fluidity of zinc solution in the air knife area.
2. Increase the press amount of bending roll and improve the bending effect. Increase the number of yield area, reduce the width of yield area, and reduce the forehead wrinkles.
3. Reduce the tensile elongation, that is, reduce the total plastic deformation.
4. Reasonable control of annealing temperature of galvanized steel coil.

Our country some occupation oversupply confrontation increasingly prominent, but the T-Type corrugated gl roofing sheet price is not too big fluctuation. The traditional manufacturing industry has excess production capacity, especially in industries with high consumption and high emissions, such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, and plate glass. It is worth noting that in recent years, the blind expansion of this professional capacity momentum, the speed of new capacity is far faster than the speed of screening capacity, directly aggravated the overcapacity opposition.

Although in recent years, the state has issued many guidelines to curb high-energy consumption and high-emission jobs, some jobs blind expansion momentum is still strong, overcapacity and even into the "more screening more surplus" cycle. Ministry of industry and information technology, 31 production capacity replacement methods, directed at steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass four major occupations, in order to control the total amount of excess occupational capacity through equal or reduced replacement.

The China iron and steel association calculates that about 125m tonnes of new steelmaking capacity came on stream in 2011-12. During the same period, steelmaking capacity was selected to be about 3.7 million tons, with an additional capacity of nearly 9 million tons. Aluminized zinc painted plate where good, aluminized zinc, aluminized zinc plate, aluminized zinc plate, in order to reach the request of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company usually in the screening of backward capacity after the demand for a larger scale of new projects, this is the excess professional capacity "more screening more surplus" is an important reason. In fact, in 2010, the state council issued "instructions on further strengthening the screening of backward production capacity", it has proposed the equal or reduced replacement of production capacity. But because there is no clear request and operational way, different standards in the implementation of various places, procedures are not standard enough, and even there are many replacement questions, did not reach the goal of controlling the total capacity, stop the blind expansion.

Aluminum-zinc steel coil in stock the surface of the coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% of the zinc and small amounts of other elements, aluminum zinc plating coating under microscopic surface for honeycomb structure, composed of aluminum in the "honeycomb" containing zinc, in this case, aluminum zinc plating coating has anodic protection role, but on the other hand due to the shrinking of zinc content on the one hand, because of the zinc material by aluminum bag not the role of electrolysis anode protection so greatly reduced, so once the aluminum-zinc steel coil is cut, the cut off the edge of the protection of basic loss was will soon be under the condition of corrosion, so the plating aluminum zinc steel coil should be cut less as far as possible, Once cut after the application of anti-rust paint or zinc-rich paint to protect the edge, only to be able to extend the life of the plate.

The surface of zinc plating plate than the galvanized plate to beautiful, at the same time, the price of zinc plating plate than galvanized plate expensive, the price of small zinc flowers than large zinc flowers expensive.

In the city with more humid air and rain, once a certain point of high-quality GL galvanized steel coil appears rust, if you do not take measures in time, the slow corrosion place will be bigger and bigger, and finally even the whole board surface; And galvanized sheet even if a point of corrosion will not spread.

In general, galvanized and galvanized color coating roll can be used together, but galvanized zinc color coating roll than galvanized color coating roll has a better reflection, heat insulation, and corrosion resistance. Alkaline environment to use more zinc substrate, acid environment to use aluminum zinc substrate is better.

The zinc-plated plate is a steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is often used as an economical and effective anticorrosive method, which accounts for about half of the world's zinc production. The surface of the aluminized zinc steel plate is characteristic of smooth, flat and gorgeous star flowers, the primary color is silver white. Special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance.

The difference between the zinc plate and aluminum zinc steel coil mainly lies in the different coating, zinc plate surface evenly distributed with a layer of zinc material, the mother material plays the role of anode protection, that is to say, zinc material alternative corrosion to protect the use of the mother material, only when all the zinc corrosion can hurt the mother material inside.

Because the density of zinc coil plating is much smaller than the density of zinc, in the case of steel substrate and coating thickness are equal, each ton of wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil out of the use of the area is much higher than zinc coil, single this item to create more value for customers. Galvalume steel coil small makeup to take you to know more knowledge!

The coating composition around the incision section began to have chemical reactions, forming a dense protective film with zinc hydroxide, basic zinc chloride and other components as the main components, the protective film electrical conductivity is weak, can inhibit the corrosion reaction of the incision section part, the coating contains silicon also promote the formation of the protective film.

So that the demand for galvanized coil growth too fast. At present, the production scale of galvanized sheet in China, whether in terms of quantity or variety, quality, can not meet the needs of the domestic market.

The surface layer is coated with a special reinforced polyester coating with good weather resistance, which ensures that the aluminized zinc steel coil can maintain its original color and luster after many years of use, and the bottom is coated with a light gray coating to make the steel coil more beautiful.

Effect of Surface Finishing of Galvanized Steel Sheet

After China Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet is finished, it has a great effect on surface quality improvement and performance improvement. There are mainly the following aspects:

1. Improve the surface flatness of the galvanized sheet. After finishing, the flatness of the galvanized sheet is improved, the wave shape of the galvanized sheet is partially eliminated, and the slag particles or other uneven spots on the surface can be flattened to make the surface of the galvanized steel sheet become Smooth and flat.

2. Adjust the roughness of the surface of Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet. By controlling the roughness of the surface of the work rolls of the finishing machine, the uneven roughness of the surface of the galvanized steel sheet can be unified to a certain range. This improves the paintability of the product and the lubricity during processing.

3. Improve the surface color of the Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet. For small zinc flower and zinc-free flower products, the galvanized sheet can be made to have a more uniform surface with a uniform gloss. For some private enterprises, the use of large zinc flower products as color-coated substrates can make the zinc flower bumps and different glosses formed by the large zinc flower crystals smooth and uniform, which makes the zinc flowers blurred and unfavorable. Cover the zinc flower when painting.

4. Improve the processing performance of Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet. By finishing, the yielding platform of the galvanized steel sheet can be eliminated or become inconspicuous, and the metal slip line can be prevented from being generated in the subsequent processing.

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