The Roofing Sheet Introduction

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The Roofing Sheet Introduction

Galvalumed steel sheet made in China is a new type of lightweight roof-bearing inorganic sheet which integrates lightweight, load-bearing, durable, heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, explosion-proof and anti-seismic functions. The board inherits the reliability of traditional reinforced concrete roof slabs and absorbs the advantages of other lightweight panels while achieving lightweight and versatile while highlighting the safety and durability of the structure. Complete product specifications, quick installation and easy maintenance. Steel frame light roofing panels are mainly used for roofing of rail transit, industrial plants, warehouse logistics, large public buildings, stadiums, and other buildings. They can be matched with various structural forms such as concrete structures, light steel structures, and grids. Shandong HENGZE New Material Co., Ltd. is one of Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet manufacturers. Address: High Technology Industrial Development Zone, Taian, China Contact: Elijah Wen Contact number: +86 0538-6624686 Mobile: +86 18905380622 Fax: +86 0538-6624686

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