Color steel coil of environmental protection

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Color steel coil of environmental protection

Color steel coil as a building material can be widely accepted, one is good corrosion resistance, bright colors, beautiful appearance and has the original strength of steel plate and other advantages and low cost. Still, have it has certain economy environmental protection sex.

The following are the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of color steel coil produced by China color corrugated steel sheet manufacturers:

1. Environmental protection: its application of environmental damage is small, seismic performance is good and suitable for different climatic conditions and atmospheric environment;

2. Cost saving: the use of steel structure for China color corrugated steel sheet can also save the cost of the foundation, save water and control the cost;

3. Light weight: the ratio of the bulk density of steel to the strength of color corrugated steel sheet is less than that of concrete and wood. Under the same conditions, the overall weight of buildings using a painted plate is the lightest;

4. High degree of industrialization: painted steel structure mobile house for mechanized manufacturing, high accuracy, easy installation, short construction period, is the highest degree of industrialization of a structure in the engineering structure

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