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In the construction industry, especially in the field of industrial plants, different industries adopt different series of enclosure materials according to the application requirements and characteristics.
Aluminum roofing material has been used in architecture since the beginning of this century. For example, a gymnasium near the city of Pittsburgh in the United States was built in 1927. The aluminum roofing material was used as the roofing material. Aluminum roofing materials have such excellent durability because the aluminum plate and atmospheric contact will produce a layer of aluminum oxide film on the surface, this layer of oxide film will protect the inner layer of the aluminum plate from further corrosion. This oxide film has good chemical resistance, so it is suitable for industrial buildings, serious air pollution or areas with Marine climate.

Since its mass production, the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet has been far ahead in the field of domestic construction industry workshop. The base plate of color coated steel plate is the cold rolled base plate, hot galvanized base plate and galvanized base plate. Coating types can be divided into polyester, silicon-modified polyester, vinylidene fluoride, and plastic sol. The surface state of painted steel plate can be divided into coated plate, embossed plate and printed plate, painted steel plate is widely used in construction home appliances and transportation and other industries, for the construction industry is mainly used in steel structure plant, airport, warehouse and freezing and other industrial and commercial buildings, such as the roof wall and door, civil buildings using less PPGI corrugated roofing sheet. It differs from plastic steel in the composition of the material. A magnet will move.

Durability comparison: AZM steel coil can form aluminum oxide film with an atmosphere to prevent further corrosion. There is usually a 15-20 - year coating warranty for civil buildings. The service life of the architectural design is more than 50 years. Usually guaranteed for 25 years; PPGI corrugated roofing sheet in humid air and rain, snow water corrosion caused by simple corrosion rust cracking, especially rivets, joints.

Component comparison: AZM steel coil component light (density of 2730kg/m3); The weight of color steel plate is relatively heavy (density is 7850kg/m3).

Comparison of strength and steeliness: the content of magnesium and manganese in the aluminum alloy of AZM alloy makes it have certain strength and rigidity. But the aluminum alloy plate's internal stress and the hardening, the strength and so on does not have the obvious yield point, is inferior to the color steel good; PPGI corrugated roofing sheet strength and stiffness is better. Not easily deformed, etc.

Comparison of appearance: AZM steel coil can be divided into non-painting (hammer, embossing, pre-passivation alumina surface treatment, etc.) and painting (PVDF, SMP, PE, etc.); PPGI corrugated roofing sheet can be divided into non-painted and painted classes (PVDF, SMP, PE, HDP, etc.).

Lightning protection: the thickness of al-mg-mn alloy is usually 0.7mm and 0.9mm, which can be directly used as lightning protection lightning connector to prevent roof perforation. Color steel plate is usually 0.5mm thick low cost Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet and galvanized steel plate, can not be directly used as lightning protection, lightning protection need to be set up (such as lightning rod).

Fire safety: low melting point (660 c) for mg-mn alloys. High-temperature resistance function is poor, 150 degrees above the rapid loss of strength. When a fire breaks out, the roof is easy to burn through, so that the fire to the outside extension, rather than to the inside of the horizontal extension, help firefighters from the top of the fire pipe extension; PPGI corrugated roofing sheet steel melting point high (1515 degrees Celsius).

Molding: AZM steel coil has excellent weldability, high plasticity, low-temperature environment, aluminum alloy strength, and extension function has been improved, with excellent low-temperature operation function; PPGI corrugated roofing sheet steel at low temperature under simple attack cold brittle.

Cost performance: AZM steel coil cost performance is high: light, waterproof, easy to bend the arc, good stereo vision; Color steel cost-effective low: quality heavy, slightly poor waterproof, strong steel, slightly poor arc bending, the role of art owe security.

Therefore, there is no absolute which is good, which is not good, but according to the durability needs of industrial buildings, structure bearing needs, material needs, appearance needs, safety needs, cost needs and other specific needs to determine whether to choose high quality prepainted color galvanized coil or AZM steel coil.

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