Production Technology of Galvalumed Steel Plate

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Production Technology of Galvalumed Steel Plate

The surface of low cost galvalumed steel plate is characteristic of smooth, flat and rich star flowers, and the base color is silver white. The coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The production technology of aluminizing zinc is similar to that of the galvanizing steel plate and aluminizing plate. The 55% al - Zn alloy coating has superior corrosion resistance when both sides are exposed in the same environment. The 55% al - Zn alloy coating has not only excellent corrosion resistance but also excellent adhesion and flexibility.

The long-term corrosion resistance of metal coating products mainly depends on the melting rate of coating and coating thickness, the melting rate of galvanized steel plating is higher than that of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating. Therefore, the service life of 55% al - Zn alloy coating is longer than galvanized steel plate.

Galvalume steel plate is similar to the silver-white beautiful appearance of the galvanized steel plate and excellent appearance and processing, especially in the steel plate rarely appear processing part crack, the processing part durability is more excellent. In addition, the heat resistance is far better than the galvanized steel plate, thermal reflection than galvanized steel plate more than two times. Uncoated products used in the roof and partition plate can get the effect of energy saving.

Aluminum plating zinc plating layer coating adhesion is relatively good, and therefore without Weathering such as pretreatment, can also directly coated on the advertisement board and usually use plank.

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