Gas System At Asphalt Mixing Plant Failed

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Speaking of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant made in China is not unfamiliar to us, this is a specially prepared by asphalt mixing unit equipment, in fact, the real lack of understanding is its gas system, even the asphalt mixing plant gas system often appear accumulation fault is not very clear. Facts have proved that only by properly maintaining the various systems of equipment can efficient production and good benefits be achieved.

The following is the asphalt mixing plant will often occur four types of gas system failures, one by one analysis of the causes behind the fault.

One, asphalt mixing plant gas source fault
In fact, the DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China air source failure is not more than one kind, and is not fixed in a component, its internal air compressor, reducing valve, pipeline, compressed air processing components are likely to appear similar fault.
In the case of air compressors, slow pressure rise is often caused by a damaged stop valve, piston ring, or blocked air filter. For pipes, leaks can also occur due to leaking joints and broken hoses. Pressure relief valve failure is not high pressure, that is because the pressure regulating spring rupture or diaphragm rupture caused by.

Two, asphalt mixing station on the valve of the fault
The specific performance is unable to reverse or the reverse movement is slow; The valve core seal ring is badly damaged; Pilot solenoid valve inlet, exhaust hole is blocked, can not normally reverse, and so on.
In view of the above problems, in addition to paying attention to check the working state of the oil mist device and the state of the lubricating oil, but also pay attention to cleaning each part, so that they keep a good degree of cleanliness; In addition, don't forget to replace damaged parts in time to reduce the occurrence of problems.

Three, asphalt mixing station cylinder performance of the fault
Internal and external leakage of cylinder; Insufficient output force and unsteady movement; Poor buffering; Piston rod and cylinder head damage are included; The causes of the problem are also different, and specific measures should be taken after identifying the root causes.

Failure of pneumatic auxiliary components in asphalt mixing plant
In addition to the above mentioned different fault performance, DHB40 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China gas system there are oil mist, automatic sewage, muffler and other auxiliary devices, under the influence of bad factors they will also appear different fault, such as oil mist device liquid oil droplets can not atomize; The oil and water in the automatic sewage device cannot be automatically removed; The sensitivity of the silencer is disturbed and so on.

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