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Aluminum-zinc steel coil in stock the surface of the coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% of the zinc and small amounts of other elements, aluminum zinc plating coating under microscopic surface for honeycomb structure, composed of aluminum in the "honeycomb" containing zinc, in this case, aluminum zinc plating coating has anodic protection role, but on the other hand due to the shrinking of zinc content on the one hand, because of the zinc material by aluminum bag not the role of electrolysis anode protection so greatly reduced, so once the aluminum-zinc steel coil is cut, the cut off the edge of the protection of basic loss was will soon be under the condition of corrosion, so the plating aluminum zinc steel coil should be cut less as far as possible, Once cut after the application of anti-rust paint or zinc-rich paint to protect the edge, only to be able to extend the life of the plate.

The surface of zinc plating plate than the galvanized plate to beautiful, at the same time, the price of zinc plating plate than galvanized plate expensive, the price of small zinc flowers than large zinc flowers expensive.

In the city with more humid air and rain, once a certain point of high-quality GL galvanized steel coil appears rust, if you do not take measures in time, the slow corrosion place will be bigger and bigger, and finally even the whole board surface; And galvanized sheet even if a point of corrosion will not spread.

In general, galvanized and galvanized color coating roll can be used together, but galvanized zinc color coating roll than galvanized color coating roll has a better reflection, heat insulation, and corrosion resistance. Alkaline environment to use more zinc substrate, acid environment to use aluminum zinc substrate is better.

The zinc-plated plate is a steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is often used as an economical and effective anticorrosive method, which accounts for about half of the world's zinc production. The surface of the aluminized zinc steel plate is characteristic of smooth, flat and gorgeous star flowers, the primary color is silver white. Special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance.

The difference between the zinc plate and aluminum zinc steel coil mainly lies in the different coating, zinc plate surface evenly distributed with a layer of zinc material, the mother material plays the role of anode protection, that is to say, zinc material alternative corrosion to protect the use of the mother material, only when all the zinc corrosion can hurt the mother material inside.

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