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Cold rolled coil application

By Alisajpq, 2019-03-18

The following describes the cold rolled steel coil factory supplier to introduce the scope of use of cold rolled rolls to facilitate customers to better understand our products. The cold rolled coil products produced by the cold rolled steel coil factory supplier are made of various fine processes and have a flat plate shape, bright appearance, high elongation rate, uniform width and width, no heavy skin and cracks, and the thickness tolerance is not more than 0.02mm. Cold rolled coils are commonly used in the corrosion-resistant parts of the automotive industry. They are used in the commercial industry for the storage and transportation of packaging utensils and materials. They are used in the construction industry for the manufacture of anti-corrosion industries and roof grills, civil construction roof panels, etc. In the fishery, it is used as a cold processing tool for food storage and transportation, and meat products. In addition, in the light industry of tools, pipe materials, steel, stampings, and fitness equipment, furniture, leisure goods, etc., CRC is also very useful, it can be said that the use is very common.

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