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Known as Asia's largest movie city, Wanda MAO project with a total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan has started construction in lingshan bay film and television culture zone, and it is expected to be capped within this year. The roof system of this project is an all-steel structure system, which adopts steel structure frame and enclosure material. The roof board is mainly low price color corrugated steel sheet and aluminum magnesium manganese color coated board.

The color corrugated steel sheet manufacturer learned in huangdao new area, the project as an important part of Qingdao Oriental movie city, Wanda MAO including large indoor theme park, indoor water park, movie park, international movie city, including Asia's largest 30 halls, 5000 huge cinema. Referred to as the influence of Qingdao Oriental movie capital after the building.

According to the person in charge of the project, Wanda MAO is an extremely large cultural tourism commercial complex created by Wanda group headed by the richest Chinese in Asia, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters for a single project. The project has a positive impact on the performance support and scale effect of Wanda pictures, a subsidiary of Wanda Group, and also has a certain significance for the further promotion of domestic steel structure engineering in commercial projects.

Characteristics of color steel sheet

By Alisajpq, 2019-05-14

Color steel plate refers to a color coated steel plate, which is a steel plate with an organic coating. Widely used in large public buildings, public buildings, mobile panels, and walls and roofs of integrated houses. What are the characteristics of low price color corrugated steel sheet?

1. Lightweight: 10-14 kg / square meter, equivalent to 1 / 30 of the brick wall.
2. Thermal insulation: Thermal conductivity of core material: λ<=0.041w/MK.
3. High strength: It can be used as a load-bearing structure for ceilings, bending and compression; general houses do not use beams and columns.
4. Bright color: no need for surface decoration, color corrugated steel sheet coating anti-corrosion layer is maintained for 10-15 years.
5. Flexible and quick installation: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.
6. Oxygen index: (OI) 32.0 (provincial fire protection product quality inspection station).

The color corrugated steel sheet has the mechanical strength and easy forming property of the steel material and has good decorative and corrosion resistance of the coating material. It is an emerging material that is highly respected in the world today. With the advancement of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the market prospects of color steel plates are increasingly favored by architecture, home appliances, electromechanical, transportation, interior decoration, office appliances, and other industries.

The slope of the color steel plate is generally small, often below 6%. This kind of structure is more common in water leakage in areas with more rain, and there is a large area of ​​leakage, leakage between the lighting window and the roof. When it is used to control the leakage of roofing of color steel plates, it is necessary to analyze and understand the structure, leakage points, and causes.

In general, the leakage of low cost color-coated corrugated roofing sheet is mainly due to factors such as self-tapping screws, color steel plate lap joints, ridge tiles, core rivets, deformation of color steel plates caused by roofing people, and rain-proof rubber falling off of decorative parts such as lighting windows. caused. Correspondingly, the leakage points can be mainly divided into the following points:

1. Water leaks from the screws and fasteners on the roof. This phenomenon mainly occurs in double-layer color steel plates and single-layer color steel plate roofs. During the construction process, the tapping force is too heavy and too light, and the self-tapping rubber gaskets may be deformed due to the deviation of the screws and the skewing. Falling off or forming a concave surface, causing the roof to leak water and accumulate through the insulation cotton, accumulating less and forming more water leakage. In addition, the self-tapping position is not correct, and it is one of the important reasons for water leakage to directly from a hole under the low price color corrugated steel sheet. This water leakage phenomenon may not be obvious in the roof structure where the single-layer color steel plate does not have an insulation system, mainly because the rainwater is directly dispersed after being leaked through the contact portion between the steel plate and the stringer, and does not necessarily drip quickly.

2. The water plate overlaps the water. Horizontal lap joints and vertical lap seams, water grid lap joints leaking water, if the color steel plate wavy is too low or the amount of rainwater is not over the wave, it is easy to form a large area of ​​water leakage, and it is not easy to detect the water leakage point, once formed It is not easy to overhaul. This situation is more common in curved roofs. The main reason is that the two plates are not tightly connected, the self-tapping is not full, and the gap is formed.

3, the roof tile leaks. In the construction of light steel roofing, water leakage caused by ridge tiles is also a common phenomenon. In the rainy season, especially when the amount of rain is large, the splash of rain passes through the gap between the two color steel plates in the lower part of the ridge tile, forming a large area of ​​leakage.

The wholesale color corrugated steel sheet is now used in many building materials. This material plays an important role in many aspects of the construction site. In fact, the development of color steel plates is not particularly smooth, because although it has many advantages, at the same time Its shortcomings have many problems, so let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of color steel plates. In construction sites, the lighter the material, the easier it is to install, and the color steel plate is like this. It is light in weight and much lighter than brick walls. Although its lightweight, it does not mean that its performance is poor, it has a good thermal insulation function, and its thermal conductivity is still very good. If we need colored steel plates to serve as the load-bearing effect of some plates, then its strength is also very good, it can resist bending and resist pressure. If the color steel plate is installed on the outer wall, its color corrugated steel sheet is very beautiful and bright. At this time, it is not necessary to use other materials to decorate the material, and it is also very convenient and flexible during the installation process, which can make the whole The construction time is greatly reduced. Of course, color steel plate also has disadvantages, for example, its maintenance cost is relatively high. If the color is reduced after a long time, it needs to be maintained. Although it does not matter if it is not complementary to it, it has a great influence on the appearance. When the color steel plate is in contact with the outside world for a long time, it will still rust. At this time, it will affect the use, so that the ability to resist the basic snow will decrease. The above is the advantage of the color corrugated steel sheet. An introduction was made.

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