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Steel sheet construction points

By Alisajpq, 2019-03-21

1. Place the truss of the high quality PPGI corrugated roofing sheet. Before lifting the steel plate, a baffle must be set to prevent the steel plate from slipping. 2. When the material is lifted to the roof truss, the vertical strap of the corrugated roofing sheet on the boom shall be no more than 6 meters apart, and the diagonal straps shall be added at both ends to prevent slipping. (Each bundle should not be more than 2 tons). 3. Keep it steadily and slowly hoisted, and the non-lifting personnel should not be near within the working range of the crane. 4. During the lifting process, if the vertical tie of the wholesale color corrugated steel sheet is loose, it should be put down and re-adjusted before lifting. 5. The corrugated roofing sheet is slowly descending, and after the crane personnel controls the positioning (the mouthwash baffle), they are lowered in sequence. 6. After the material is hung to the roof truss, all the ribs must face upwards, the board surface should be in the same direction (easy to install, except for the ribs), and should be fixed on the steel main frame with nylon rope (not placed in the center of the ribs) ).

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