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As one of the commonly used metal materials, galvalume steel coils are mainly used in many aspects such as construction, plant, and machine production. At this stage, the specifications and quality requirements for galvalume steel coils are specified in the standard, including the chemical composition contained in the wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil, its external dimensions, the quality of the product, the internal structure of the product, and its performance structure. Although the galvalume steel coil is strong and precise, we still need to pay attention to the maintenance in order to extend the life of its use.

If you buy a large amount in one time, it is not possible to use it all at once after receiving the galvalume steel coil. Most aluminum and zinc coils need to be stored in the warehouse first. When you choose a site or warehouse where galvalume steel rolls are stored, you should try to choose a place where the environment is clean, the area is ventilated and the drainage is smooth. Keep away from places where harmful gases or dust may be generated. However, it is best to clean the surrounding weeds on the site. Because there are plants, the humidity around them is relatively large, and the galvalume steel coating steel coil is prone to rust on such a surface for a long time. It is also a principle when stacking galvalume steel coils, that is, under the conditions of stable palletizing and ensuring safety and stability, it is best to place them according to the variety and specifications of galvalume steel coils. If there are other materials in the plant or site that need to be stacked, be sure to classify them.

Steel coil installation preparation

By Alisajpq, 2019-04-28

A. Material preparation.

For small projects, materials must be prepared in one go. For large-scale projects, material preparation shall be carried out step by step according to the construction organization plan, and a step-by-step supply list shall be submitted to the China aluminum zinc steel coil factory. The specification shall specify the specifications, model, quantity, connection parts and specifications of each batch of steel coils. Etc., and should specify the arrival time and the specified stacking position. After the materials arrive, check the quantity and specifications immediately, and check whether the delivery list matches the actual quantity. When quality problems are found, they need to be dealt with in a timely manner, replaced, substituted or other methods and the problems should be promptly reflected the steel coil manufacturers.

B. Machine preparation.

Due to its lightweight, the steel coil envelope structure generally does not require large machines. Machine tools should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the construction organization plan, basically the following:

1. Lifting equipment: car crane, winch, pulley, pull rod, hanging plate, etc., according to different project area and height, choose different methods and implements.

2. Hand tools: According to the number of installation teams, electric drills, self-tapping guns, rivet guns, portable circular saws, pliers, screwdrivers, iron scissors, hand tool bags, etc.

3. Power connection equipment: power distribution cabinets with total electricity consumption, wiring according to the number of shifts, distribution sockets, wires, etc. All kinds of power distribution equipment must consider rainproof conditions.

4. Scaffolding preparation: Prepare scaffolding, springboard and safety net according to the requirements of the construction organization plan.

5. Prepare temporary machine storage, place small construction equipment and spare parts for steel coils.

C. Technical preparation.

Carefully review the detailed construction design of the wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil, the layout of the plate, the structure of the joints and the design requirements of the construction organization; organize the construction personnel to learn the above contents, and explain the construction requirements and regulations to the workers by the technical staff; prepare the construction operation regulations and issue the regulations. Completion date and safety operation rules; preparation details of the construction to be released; check whether the structural installation of the steel coil before installation meets the installation conditions of the enclosure.

D. Site preparation

According to the requirements of the construction organization, the loading and unloading conditions of the steel coil stacking site, the equipment walking route, the lifting position, the horse road setting, the construction road, the location of the temporary facilities, etc. shall be thoroughly checked to ensure smooth transportation, materials are not damaged and construction safety; Site requirements are flat, no water accumulation, no traffic, and materials are not easily damaged; construction roads can be used during the rainy season, allowing large vehicles to pass and turn.

E. Organization and temporary facility preparation

The construction site shall be equipped with the project manager, technical person in charge, safety in charge, quality in charge, material in charge and other management personnel; according to the design requirements of the construction organization, it shall be divided into several working groups, each group shall have a team leader, an installation worker, and a high quality GL Galvanized Steel Coil. Workers in sheet lifting and sheet preparation; the site shall be equipped with electricians, welders and other professionals with employment certificates; temporary construction facilities shall be equipped with on-site offices, tool warehouses, small materials warehouses and rooms for workers to rest and prepare.

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