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Because the density of zinc coil plating is much smaller than the density of zinc, in the case of steel substrate and coating thickness are equal, each ton of wholesale galvalume steel coating steel coil out of the use of the area is much higher than zinc coil, single this item to create more value for customers. Galvalume steel coil small makeup to take you to know more knowledge!

The coating composition around the incision section began to have chemical reactions, forming a dense protective film with zinc hydroxide, basic zinc chloride and other components as the main components, the protective film electrical conductivity is weak, can inhibit the corrosion reaction of the incision section part, the coating contains silicon also promote the formation of the protective film.

So that the demand for galvanized coil growth too fast. At present, the production scale of galvanized sheet in China, whether in terms of quantity or variety, quality, can not meet the needs of the domestic market.

The surface layer is coated with a special reinforced polyester coating with good weather resistance, which ensures that the aluminized zinc steel coil can maintain its original color and luster after many years of use, and the bottom is coated with a light gray coating to make the steel coil more beautiful.

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