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Since the high quality Galvalumed steel sheet contains zinc Zn and aluminum Al, the two metal elements are amphoteric metals, which are capable of reacting with acid and reacting with a base. The main component of cement is CaSiO3 CaO-Al2O3. After mixing with water to form concrete mortar, the wet cement will be highly alkaline and the pH will be around 12-13. At such a high alkalinity, zinc Zn and aluminum Al react and dissolve, eventually causing the coating to dissolve and disappear, losing the anti-corrosion protection ability, and causing the color coating and the substrate of the galvanized steel sheet to fall off. Therefore, the color coated plate of the aluminum-zinc-plated substrate is not suitable for direct contact with the wet cement, and it is recommended to avoid direct contact with the wet cement. If necessary, other materials are needed to isolate the color coated plate of the galvanized substrate from the cement to avoid reaction between the two.

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