Category: galvalumed steel plate

1. Two different practices: door and window position, according to the two sides of the window to set up the window side column, the column and wall beam connection fixed, set the wall beam at the window top, window sill, when installing the low cost galvalumed steel plate wall surface, at the window top, window sill The window side is treated with different specifications of the connecting plate wrap angle.

2. The gutter is installed. The inner gutter is mostly made of stainless steel. It is fixed on the side beam (strip) of the cornice with stainless steel support. The spacing of the support frame is about 500mm and is connected by bolts.

3. In addition, the gutter in the steel structure project also adopts the practice of pressing the water tank with 2-3mm steel plate, and the asphalt oil is coated on the inner side of the water tank to prevent corrosion. In the process, the screw is prevented from penetrating the galvalumed steel plate, which fundamentally eliminates the hidden danger of the roof leakage and improves the waterproof performance of the roof, thereby greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the roof and repairing.

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