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Geogrid friction angle

By Alisajpq, 2019-04-08

The high quality PET geogrid aperture has an effect on the interface strength of the reinforced soil.

Filling compaction and water content, geogrid pore size have an effect on the strength of the reinforced soil interface. The greater the compaction degree of the fill, the larger the interface friction angle; the higher the water content of the fill, the smaller the interface friction angle; there is an optimal match between the particle size of the soil and the geogrid aperture to obtain the maximum interface friction angle. In the case of the test, it is optimal when the high quality PET geogrid aperture ratio is about 0.05.

The friction angle of the reinforced soil interface is usually slightly smaller than the friction angle of the soil. In addition to the high water content of 12%, in general, the friction coefficient ratio is basically between 0.82 and 0.95, which is basically consistent with the relevant test results at home and abroad. The water content of the fill has an important influence on the interface friction angle of the soil. In the case of the test, when the fill is nearly saturated, the internal friction angle of the soil is reduced by 18.5%, and the friction coefficient ratio is 0.51. Therefore, attention should be paid to the drainage of reinforced soil engineering. When using wet or rainy areas or high liquid limit clay as filling materials, the interface strength parameters of the reinforced soil should be determined according to the interface friction test of the reinforced soil, or a low interface friction coefficient should be adopted.

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