Category: PET non woven geotextile

1. High-temperature resistance. The melting point is generally not lower than 170 ° C, preferably more than 200 ° C, in order to prevent shrinkage deformation at high temperatures during asphalt paving, to ensure the stability of the performance of the PET non woven geotextile for sale itself. 2. High tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than or equal to KN/m2 and the elongation at break should be no less than 50%. 3. Good uniformity. The geotextile is an anisotropic material. In order to ensure uniform strength, the strength ratio of the non-woven geotextile in both directions is generally not more than 1.2. 4. Adsorption and permeability. Geotextiles require a uniform surface that absorbs, penetrates, and saturates evenly, allowing it to adhere well to the road surface. The geotextile acts as a protective layer for the geomembrane, so that the anti-seepage layer is protected from damage. In order to reduce ultraviolet radiation and increase anti-aging properties, it is best to use the embedding method.

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