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China geotextile factory with pp woven geotextile factory price produces geotextile penetration is one of the important characteristics of the hydraulic characteristics of the screening conditions, and other design-related hydraulic pressure is an indispensable important indicator. Of the engineering applications required, generally, the gas permeability is the plane that determines the vertical flow characteristics of the fabric and the parallel plane to fabric permeability.

Geotextile with first horizontal permeability:

The parallel flow transportability of the geotextile with pp woven geotextile factory price is available in the horizontal plane of the fabric's permeability coefficient or hydraulic conductivity. Along the plane permeability coefficient we define as the hydraulic gradient flow rate equal to 1 fabric; and when the hydraulic conductivity is equal to the product of the thickness permeability coefficient in the plane of the fabric and the fabric, the hydraulic gradient is equal to 1, along the unit width of the guide business per input The plane of the fabric. There are many planar factors that affect the fabric's breathability, such as polymer materials and wettability, type additives, fabric structures, fabric apertures, and the like. Further, the pressure to fabric, flow, water level difference, the direction of the aqueous gas, and the method in the plane of the test equipment have a certain impact on the test results.

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