Category: prepainted color galvanized coil

For color galvanized coils, when purchasing, it is often necessary to use an optional standard, thickness. This is also a problem that must be paid attention to when purchasing China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil. Due to different construction environments, the thickness of the selected color steel coils is also different. For this reason, the procurement scope of the color steel coil thickness is also introduced separately according to the construction environment, so as to better understand the color steel coil.

For the roof, if we use the prepainted color galvanized coil as the roof, it is recommended to use a color galvanized coil of 0.8mm or more, which is better. This number, the width of the color steel coil in the roof should be as small as possible, so can be beneficial for drainage.

For the wall surface, the thickness of the color galvanized coil can be selected to be 0.8mm or less. In addition, the width of the wall surface is preferably as large as possible, because the lower the peak of the wall, the better. This is more practical.

These are the current options for prepainted color galvanized coils in different applications. Through such a selection, the color galvanized coil can also be made convenient in subsequent use.

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