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Our country some occupation oversupply confrontation increasingly prominent, but the T-Type corrugated gl roofing sheet price is not too big fluctuation. The traditional manufacturing industry has excess production capacity, especially in industries with high consumption and high emissions, such as steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, and plate glass. It is worth noting that in recent years, the blind expansion of this professional capacity momentum, the speed of new capacity is far faster than the speed of screening capacity, directly aggravated the overcapacity opposition.

Although in recent years, the state has issued many guidelines to curb high-energy consumption and high-emission jobs, some jobs blind expansion momentum is still strong, overcapacity and even into the "more screening more surplus" cycle. Ministry of industry and information technology, 31 production capacity replacement methods, directed at steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass four major occupations, in order to control the total amount of excess occupational capacity through equal or reduced replacement.

The China iron and steel association calculates that about 125m tonnes of new steelmaking capacity came on stream in 2011-12. During the same period, steelmaking capacity was selected to be about 3.7 million tons, with an additional capacity of nearly 9 million tons. Aluminized zinc painted plate where good, aluminized zinc, aluminized zinc plate, aluminized zinc plate, in order to reach the request of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company usually in the screening of backward capacity after the demand for a larger scale of new projects, this is the excess professional capacity "more screening more surplus" is an important reason. In fact, in 2010, the state council issued "instructions on further strengthening the screening of backward production capacity", it has proposed the equal or reduced replacement of production capacity. But because there is no clear request and operational way, different standards in the implementation of various places, procedures are not standard enough, and even there are many replacement questions, did not reach the goal of controlling the total capacity, stop the blind expansion.

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