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Hot rolled galvanized coil

By Alisajpq, 2019-03-08

With the development of hot rolling technology, the quality of hot rolled products is continuously improved, and the thickness is gradually thinned. The hot rolled coil is used as raw material to produce hot rolled galvanized coil instead of the traditional single coil galvanizing, which not only broadens the hot rolling galvanizing. The use of the board, but also squeezed the market share of hot-dip galvanized coil with the cold-rolled coil as the substrate. Internationally, many people wholesale hot rolled steel coil.

With the advancement of hot rolling technology, especially the thin slab continuous casting and rolling (CSP) technology, the thickness of wholesale hot rolled steel coil is getting thinner and thinner. In recent years, a number of CSP production lines have been built in China, such as Zhugang, Handan Iron and Steel, Baotou Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, etc. Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. are currently under construction, and the thinnest rolling specifications can reach 0.8mm. A large number of applications of CSP technology objectively provides thinner hot rolled raw materials with better mechanical properties and specifications for the hot rolled plate.

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