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Production Technology of Galvalumed Steel Plate

The surface of low cost galvalumed steel plate is characteristic of smooth, flat and rich star flowers, and the base color is silver white. The coating is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The production technology of aluminizing zinc is similar to that of the galvanizing steel plate and aluminizing plate. The 55% al - Zn alloy coating has superior corrosion resistance when both sides are exposed in the same environment. The 55% al - Zn alloy coating has not only excellent corrosion resistance but also excellent adhesion and flexibility.

The long-term corrosion resistance of metal coating products mainly depends on the melting rate of coating and coating thickness, the melting rate of galvanized steel plating is higher than that of 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coating. Therefore, the service life of 55% al - Zn alloy coating is longer than galvanized steel plate.

Galvalume steel plate is similar to the silver-white beautiful appearance of the galvanized steel plate and excellent appearance and processing, especially in the steel plate rarely appear processing part crack, the processing part durability is more excellent. In addition, the heat resistance is far better than the galvanized steel plate, thermal reflection than galvanized steel plate more than two times. Uncoated products used in the roof and partition plate can get the effect of energy saving.

Aluminum plating zinc plating layer coating adhesion is relatively good, and therefore without Weathering such as pretreatment, can also directly coated on the advertisement board and usually use plank.

At the end of 2012, Hengze PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil coating business division successfully developed xizi Otis and Chongqing Otis elevator rolls, and the stable supply of nearly 10,000 tons within a year, becoming the largest elevator rolls supplier of Otis. In September 2013, signed the first batch of elevator volume orders with Tianjin Otis, and mass produced the products on a monthly basis. Shanghai Otis has also carried out close cooperation with Hengze color coating business department since 2013. In recent years, in addition to Otis, constant ze in the elevator industry also has an in-depth cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad, including deo elevator, Suzhou, matt yunda Toshiba, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Shanghai Fuji, etc., some of the elevator factory orders are already on a monthly production, some elevator manufacturers also have entered the stage of batch manufacture. Hengze is looking forward to cooperating with more elevator industry leaders in the future to jointly promote the new environment-friendly material -- high quality PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil in the elevator.
Compared with cold-rolled powder spraying roll (after spraying roll), the advantages of PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil (pre-spraying roll) lie in the following five points:
1. Environment-friendly processing:
The national requirements for environmental protection are more and more strict, after the powder spraying process is replaced by the color coating process is the trend, change to the color coating coil can eliminate the powder spraying produced by the exhaust gas, wastewater, and even completely abandon the powder spraying line, and Hengze elevator with PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil has passed the environmental ROHS verification, is a real green environmental protection product.
2. Production capacity is effectively released:
Because the elevator is sent to the processing workshop for the flat, cut size coil, so the post-processing process is omitted, can be directly bent, assembled as a finished door or cage coil, capacity can be greatly increased.
3. Better anti-corrosion durability:
Traditional cold rolling powder spray roll is single-layer spraying, easy to corrosion and cracking; The PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil is multi-layer coating high-temperature curing, the surface adhesion is stronger, the durability is more superior, the use of many years will not appear shell, crack, peeling powder roll easy to appear defects.
4. More uniform coating thickness:
After the coating roll surface uneven, uneven thickness, PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil can be strictly controlled according to customer requirements, the back film thickness, and coating density is better.
5. The protective film fits more tightly:
Due to the graininess of the surface, the protective film cannot fit tightly on the roll, which is prone to blister, wrinkle, and other defects. In the process of assembling the elevator, the protective film is easy to break and fall off, so the purpose of protecting the roll cannot be achieved. Hengze elevator with low cost PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil has a mirror coating effect, added to the PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil production process to make the protective film closer to the roll, not only will not affect the bending and other processing processes, but also can protect the roll from damage in the process of processing and assembly.
Service and outlook:
With the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements in China, it is becoming more and more obvious to develop and replace the environmentally harmful coating technology elevator roll with the environmentally harmless coating technology elevator roll. In order to keep pace with The Times, the business department of hengze cheap PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coils has developed and improved new functions of elevator rolls, forming a series of specifications and varieties of elevator rolls from practical type to European standard high-grade environmental protection type, which can meet the needs of different customers.

The painted board has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, convenient processing and forming, bright colors, beautiful appearance, and friendly environment, etc. The variety of painted plates in China prepainted color galvanized coil factory can meet your application requirements in medium and high-grade construction projects such as factory buildings, warehouses, villas, large stadiums, and cultural facilities. According to the requirements of different buildings, masteel can provide you with the different performance of the painted board.

Ordinary polyester (PE)
Ordinary polyester coating color coating board, front coat using ordinary polyester coating, normal conditions of the warranty period of 7-10 years. This product price is moderate, the durability is good, can meet the common building use request.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
PVDF prepainted color galvanized coil in China prepainted color galvanized coil factory facing paint using fluorocarbon resin containing fluorocarbon paint. PVDF as the partial fluorine ethylene polymer has very good stability, corrosion resistance and mechanical performance, under the condition of normal warranty period in more than 20 years, mainly used for high-end building need protection for a long time (such as airport, stadium, etc.), or environmental corrosion serious area of the building (such as the sea, in heavy pollution area or the city center, etc.).

Silicon-to-polyester (SMP)
The front coat of SMP coated board is made of silicon-modified polyester coating, which has excellent hardness, abrasion resistance and heat resistance, higher outdoor durability than ordinary polyester, 10-20 years warranty under normal conditions, and better cost advantage.

High durability polyester (HDP)
The HDP coating is a highly weather resistant polyester coating. Compared with ordinary polyester prepainted color galvanized coil, the price is slightly higher, but the durability of the product, processing and molding excellent, warranty period in more than 15 years, to meet the durability requirements of high-grade buildings.

Know about HengZe GI steel coil

By Alisajpq, 2019-05-29

HengZe GI steel coil with spangles in stock is a layer of zinc on the surface of the plate, the current market adopted a reduction of economic and significant effect of anti-corrosion method, and this is galvanized, so far, the world so developed zinc at least half is used in the GI steel coil process. This process can prevent the surface of steel from oxidation or liquid corrosion, extending the life of the plate, saving a lot of manual maintenance requirements.
At present, this material has been widely used in the construction industry, and cars, guardrails, anti-corrosion steel, and other aspects have also begun to gradually use. Traditional steel just through simple antirust processing on the market use, use fixed number of year and only a few years, the updated has replaced the traditional steel GI steel coil with spangles material, its superior performance after multiple testing and user experience obtained the certification of specific related information can be released by manufacturer data view.
In recent years, several kinds of related steel products have appeared, such as corrosion resistance, rapid prototyping, surface coating, and other related properties have been greatly improved, after the accumulation of technology, the manufacturing cost has been reduced, the appearance is much more beautiful.

Known as Asia's largest movie city, Wanda MAO project with a total investment of nearly 5 billion yuan has started construction in lingshan bay film and television culture zone, and it is expected to be capped within this year. The roof system of this project is an all-steel structure system, which adopts steel structure frame and enclosure material. The roof board is mainly low price color corrugated steel sheet and aluminum magnesium manganese color coated board.

The color corrugated steel sheet manufacturer learned in huangdao new area, the project as an important part of Qingdao Oriental movie city, Wanda MAO including large indoor theme park, indoor water park, movie park, international movie city, including Asia's largest 30 halls, 5000 huge cinema. Referred to as the influence of Qingdao Oriental movie capital after the building.

According to the person in charge of the project, Wanda MAO is an extremely large cultural tourism commercial complex created by Wanda group headed by the richest Chinese in Asia, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters for a single project. The project has a positive impact on the performance support and scale effect of Wanda pictures, a subsidiary of Wanda Group, and also has a certain significance for the further promotion of domestic steel structure engineering in commercial projects.

Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet Room

By Alisajpq, 2019-05-27

The low cost Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet is a new type of temporary building material, has the advantages of scalable, easy to tear open outfit, can factory integrated production, on-site assembly building, one of the most obvious characteristics is convenient and quick assembly and disassembly, disassembled, small volume, convenient transportation and storage, can be repeatedly used, low requirement to the venue, infrastructure is simple, and is widely used in the field of civil and military, etc.

Features of galvalume corrugated roofing sheet room:

1. Adopt non-reported consumption fraud connection mode, less scattered parts, housing frame adopts folding structure, quick disassembly, and assembly,

2. Standard interchangeable structural parts can be used to build houses with different usable areas and purposes;

3. Over 10 years of normal service life.

Aluminum alloy structure has attracted more and more attention in the construction industry due to its advantages of easy processing, low reprocessing cost, high reutilization rate, and resource saving.

The galvalume corrugated roofing sheet room house can be used in the highland, cold and snow in the west of China. It can be used in the field office, command post, housing, and warehouse.

First, PPGI corrugated roofing sheet for sale is widely used, and has no pollution, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and high processing and other characteristics, PPGI corrugated roofing sheet is generally widely used in industrial aspects, in the construction, household appliances, packaging, mechanical processing, transportation, interior decoration, medical and automotive and other industrial aspects are involved.

Second, PPGI corrugated roofing sheet purposes in the home appliances is 31%, while in the purpose of the construction accounted for 63%, is indispensable for the construction industry, in other aspects of the application is less, about 6%, with the zinc plating steel plate as the base plate width, have protection and isolation effect, not only can prevent the steel rust, prolong service life of more than 50% than before, and the stronger protective effect.

Three, region, and use the different parts, even with the same amount of galvanized, paint and coating thickness of the same width, and its service life is also more different, in the industrial area and coastal area, due to the role of sulphur dioxide gas in the air or salt, corrosion velocity can accelerate that lead to the service life of the affected, and in the rainy season, the coating is soaked by the rain for a long time will quickly from corrosion and thus reduce the service life.

Four, PPGI corrugated roofing sheet manufacturing buildings and factories, if often rain wash even prolong service life, or more vulnerable to sulfur dioxide, salt and dust effect is used, so in the design, the slope of the roof, the accumulation of dust and other contaminants, the less the longer service life will be, for those who are not affected by rain often wash the location and area should be clean regularly.

Specification of Galvanized Steel Coil

By Alisajpq, 2019-05-24

First of all, to determine the customer requirements is a flower galvanized sheet or hot sale galvanized steel coil without zinc flowers, flowers to be used a little. The thickness of 0.18-3.0mm is commonly used, and the width is mainly concentrated in 1000mm or 1250mm. The relevant product standards all list the recommended standard thickness, length, and width of galvanized sheet and its allowable deviation. The thickness deviation is generally 0.05mm, the length and width deviation is generally 5mm, and the thickness of the plate is generally between 0.4-3.2.

Generally speaking, the thicker galvanized steel coil allows greater error, rather than fixed 0.02-0.04mm, thickness deviation is also based on yield, tensile coefficient, and other different requirements, the width of the deviation is generally in 5mm, the thickness of the galvanized steel coils generally between 0.4-3.2. Common galvanized sheet thickness in 0.4~2.0 is generally less than 0.4mm state-owned big steel mill production, as a private small steel mill production, the general specification is 0.35, 0.30, 0.28, 0.25, generally the thinnest to 0.15 more than 2.0mm due to straightening difficulty is very large, so more than 2.0 with the increase in thickness of the price is also rising.

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