How to Fix a Hacked computer system?

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How to Fix a Hacked computer system?

Your device is acting strange? One of the top causes which can affect your device is hacking. If you are suspecting that your device is being hacked then you should instantly take some actions before you face a major loss. When you feel that someone has intrudes your device's security wall; assist your whole device and check which parts get damaged and which you can protect. After proper assistance; move further to resolve the problem.


Is your device surely get hacked?

Some signs of hacking are frequent crashes, device get unresponsive, excessive data usage, unexplained bills, etc. But symptoms such as crashes, freezes, etc can also occur due to malware infection or low storage. But you are getting symptoms such as unexplained bills, warning signs from antivirus, unauthorized access logs on the router which shows unknown IP address then it's clear that your device is got hacked.


Who intrudes in your device?

Intruders usually enter in your device by stealing your credentials by guessing or by using various other methods. If a hacker intrudes into your device, it will target a specific drive or information on your device. But if a malware such as Trojans enters in your device it will be detected by your antivirus or by checking the firewall logs.


Which kind of malware entered in your device?

If your device is hacked from malware like Trojans or spyware etc; your antivirus will detect all these malware and show all the details about the malware. This kind of malware can show you frequent pop-up ads, can hack the webcam for imaging, etc. With Webroot Activation you can easily detect and remove all kinds of hacking malware.


If you are suspecting that some person hacked your device then you should take some immediate steps such as:

  • Open your device and change all account passwords and remove all sensitive data.
  • Contact your bank and instantly block your online banking.
  • Disconnect all connected device like your microphone or webcam.


Remove Malware from your device

If your system gets infected from malware then you can do two things:

  • Reinstall Windows.
  • Use antivirus for removing the malware.


If you perform a clean installation then your malware will get washed in your device but at the same time, your data will also get removed.

While you use antivirus; it detects the malware and instantly removes it from your device. But you need a good antivirus for this job. Freeware is not enough for this task. You should install a reliable antivirus which can remove all malware from your device.

Antivirus not only removes the malware but also minimize the probability of getting infected again. Antivirus prevents all kind malicious threats from entering in your device. If your antivirus detects any kind of malicious threats; it quickly alerts you and removes it as soon as possible. If the antivirus is not sure about removing the malware; it sends it to the quarantine folder. From the quarantine folder, you can manually choose which files should remove and which not.

Antivirus also provides various network security features such as firewall, VPN, secure web, etc which prevent all unauthorized access into your device. Whenever your antivirus finds any suspicious activity into the network; it quickly halts the traffic and blocks the network. Antivirus not only removes malware but also prevent your device from not getting one. Whenever you buy a device, install a reliable antivirus which can prevent all hacking activities.

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