Things you should do for fixing a computer bug

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Things you should do for fixing a computer bug

No matter how securely you use your device; the computer bug is something which sneaks in your system from time to time. Once you get bugs into your device; removing them can be quite difficult. If you want to prevent any kind of destruction in your device then try to remove them quickly. If you don't take action quickly against the computer bugs then you may have to face a huge loss. Whenever you realize that your device is infected; clean your device instantly.


The very first thing is to detect the virus. Well, there are some common symptoms which can tell you that your device is infected such as:

  • You are getting unknown pop-up messages frequently.
  • You are noticing some unknown programs on your program tray.
  • Your hard drive is making a sound.
  • Your device is working very slowly.


These symptoms can also cause due to various other reasons such as low storage, file corruption, hardware issues, etc. But if you are experiencing multiple issues altogether; it's a true indication that your device is infected with some kind of malware. When you realize that your device is infected; remove it immediately.

Follow the steps mentioned below for removing the virus:

Go to Safe Mode

For opening your device in safe mode; you have to shut down your computer and open it again. When you see anything on the desktop; hit F8 repeatedly. You will get advanced Boot Options Menu. Now close Safe Mode with Networking and hit the Enter button. Now disconnect your device from the internet.

Remove all temporary files

In safe mode; remove all temporary files with Disk Cleanup tools:

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Go to All Programs
  3. Click on Accessories
  4. Hit System Tools button
  5. Now check the files on delete list, click on Temporary files.

Sometimes deleting temporary files can remove virus infection. If it does not remove the infection; it will speed up the scanning process.

Install an antivirus

Install a good antivirus which has good virus detection and removal rate. Nowadays, virus infections are getting powerful so do antivirus. antivirus provides a real-time scan. Whenever any virus enters in your device; your antivirus detects the virus and removes it before it performs any malicious activity on your device. Antivirus provides various kinds of scan like smart scan, quick scan, full scan, device scan, drive scan, etc. If you are suspicious about the virus infection then you should always perform a full system scan to your device.

Never use a device without a reliable antivirus. Whenever you buy a new device; install a powerful antivirus with other essential software programs. Antivirus not only removes the viruses but also prevent them from entering in your device. The powerful firewall protects your device from all unreliable websites which can harm your device. The firewall actively monitors the traffic activities and prevents any kind of suspicious behavior on the network.

If you receive a file which seems suspicious then you should use sandboxing. Your antivirus provides a sandboxing tool where you can check files and folders. Open the file on sandboxing tool; it will execute the file without any kind of impact on the device. If the file is malicious then remove it instantly; if not then you can easily run it on your device.

The best way of keeping the computer bug away from your device is prevention. You can adopt various preventive measures which can help you to keep your device safe and sound such as installing security software, avoiding accessing suspicious URLs and public Wi-Fi. Regular updates and junk removal is necessary for keeping your device healthy.

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