How to Fix ‘Roku Error Code 014.30”

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How to Fix ‘Roku Error Code 014.30”

Roku is a line of online media players that are manufactured and distributed by They provide content in the form of TV channels, streaming services, and many other ways. The latest lineup of the Roku consoles is capable of streaming in the 4k resolution which is a considerable step up from the maximum of a 720p resolution that its ancestor device could achieve. However, quite recently, a lot of reports have been coming in where users are unable to stream videos on their consoles and an Error titled “Roku Error Code 014.30” is shown while trying to establish a connection. Follow these following step and fix your Roku error code 014.30.

1. Navigate to the settings menu on your TV through the Roku remote.
2. Open “System” and select “Advanced System Settings.“
3. After that Highlight, the “Network association Reset” and Then click “OK.“
4. Enter the code displayed on the screen to initiate the reset
5. Note: It is displayed for some models while for the others it isn’t.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions, and the network configurations will be reset for your device.
7. At the restart, you will be prompted to connect to a network.
8. Click on the “Wireless” or “Wired” option depending upon your connection.
9. Select your Wifi from the list of the possibilities.
10. Enter the password for the Wifi and select the “Connect” option.

And the Problem will be solved .

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