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Email issues are very common and finding a complete solution for those issues are quite difficult until you will dial AOL Email Customer Service Number. It might be confusing that why this happen so and the reason is through this toll-free number you can directly contact to customer care executives where you will find a solution for your email hiccups. So, stop worrying about your AOL email issues and chill because you will definitely get a complete solution for your email hitches.

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How to move AOL mail from trash to inbox

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-12-10

It is very natural and common for email users to accidentally delete their messages from their inbox. This problem is faced by AOL users almost all the time. When such accidents happen, it gets horrific for the user since the deleted AOL email might have been something important. But there is one thing that you can do when this happens. When messages are deleted they automatically go to the trash folder and this folder holds deleted messages for 7 days in case the user wants to recover them later. But then there are some cases where the message is permanently deleted from the trash folder and it looks like it is lost forever. But you shouldn’t fear too much because there is a way to retrieve permanently deleted emails as well. So if you want to find out how to move AOL mail from trash to inbox, keep reading this blog or you can find it at AOL customer care number In this blog, you will be briefed on how to move AOL mail from trash to inbox and you will also be educated on how to retrieve permanently deleted emails also. So pay attention to the method and steps mentioned below:

Move AOL mail from trash to inbox.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official AOL page. From there choose the icon that looks like an ‘envelop’ which will take you to AOL email. Now fill up the two fields to log in to your account.
  • Now, on the left side of the panel, you will see the trash folder. Open this and choose the email that you want to move to inbox.
  • Check the selected email and click on the ‘action’ button and choose ‘inbox’ under the ‘move to’ option.

How to recover permanently deleted emails using EaseUs AOL mail recovery software.

The EaseUs software is a very effective data recovery tool that is useful in restoring emails that have been removed from the trash folder. To know how to use this software to recover your emails, apply the steps given below:

  • First of all, run the EaseUs software and select the folder where you usually save deleted emails.
  • Now click on ‘scan’ to start the scan and to find lost emails.
  • After the scan is completed look through each folder carefully. In the deleted files folder you will find accidentally deleted emails. On the Drive x folder, you will find lost email files.
  • Lastly, after selecting the deleted email, click on ‘recover’ to save the files to a secure location on your computer.

These are some of the steps you need to take in order to retrieve emails from the trash folder and also to retrieve permanently deleted emails. If you face any technical difficulties or if you are in need of help, you can call AOL customer service


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Troubleshooting AOL email on IPad

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-12-08

AOL email service is accessible on computers, mobiles, tablets, and IPad. Due to AOL email outstanding service and features, it has earned a very good reputation in the world.

But somehow AOL email users also get into troubles while using AOL email. Same goes with IPad users who use AOL email on their IPad. They face common issues on a regular basis.

These issues can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. Read this article and you will know about AOL email resolving techniques or you can reach out to AOL Email Customer Care team to get the best solution of AOL email technical issues.

Troubleshooting techniques to solve AOL email issues on IPad:

The common reasons behind AOL email on an IPad can be poor internet network, almost full storage etc. Try these techniques to solve the technical issue of AOL email on IPad.

  1. Setup of AOL email on IPad: Follow below-given steps to set use AOL email on IPad
    1. Go to settings and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” tab.
    2. Then touch the Account tab and select to add account.
    3. After that enter the correct account credentials to sign up your account and you will be able to use AOL email on your phone.
  2. Wrong username and the password: Sometimes AOL users face the login error because they don’t enter the username and the password carefully, and end up with entering the wrong username or password error. So once again try to login into AOL Email and be careful while filling the username and password required field.
  3. Forgotten password: Remembering a strong password can be hard for some peoples due to which they face the login error because they forgot the password. If you are one of them then you can reset the password of your AOL email account by below-given steps:
    1. Visit the login page of AOL email and tap on “forgot the password”.
    2. Then you will have to choose a password resetting option. You can choose to recover a password through the registered email ID and registered a phone
    3. Whichever you will choose you will get a verification message on that.
    4. Use that verification message to set the new password. Just remember to create a strong password due to security reasons.

These were some common issues and solution IPad users face while using AOL email. If you face any other Technical issue AOL email you must reach to AOL Email Customer Service Number and you will get the best solution of your problem.


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What to do when AOL Email account is blocked

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-12-01

Imagine if you are trying to access into your AOL email account and you get a message, that your AOL email account is blocked. And you don’t know what to do in this kind of situation, then you should call on the AOL Email Tech Support Number. You will get assistant of experts and specialized techies on this number. These techies are 24X7 available for you. These techies will give you the best solution regarding your problem and it will be a long-lasting solution to your problem.


The reason behind the account block?

These days the suspicious activities over the internet have been increased. Hackers and other spammers send the data which is not sophisticated over the internet and try to disturb the security. These incidents have increased in the recent time period. So, when AOL email provider senses any suspicious activities with an AOL email account, they block it. Let’s take a look at some cases by which an account can be blocked:

  • Billing issue
  • If the terms and conditions are broken
  • Username cancellation
  • Activities in your account which are suspicious


What to do in the situation, when AOL email account is blocked?


If you are an AOL email user and your account is blocked then there are some simple ways how you can get rid of this problem:

  • Try to reset your AOL email account password.
  • Change your AOL account password.
  • You can reset your account password in two ways, one is by a registered Alternate email account and another is registered a phone
  • You will get a password reset link on the Alternate email, click on that link and create a strong password and then try to access into your AOL account.
  • Else, you will get a verification code on the registered phone number. Enter that code in the required field and create a strong password. Then try to log in


These methods should solve this issue of yours but still, after getting access into your account, you should recheck your account's credentials. Enable the two-step verification on your AOL account or call on the AOL Email Customer Care.


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How to fix AOL mail GAH error?

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-11-30

The GAH error in AOL mail is a very common occurrence and most people might be hearing this error for the first time but it is a very common and everyday type of error. The GAH error in AOL mail means that the user has failed to send and receive emails because of problems in mailbox connection which comes in the way ofexchanging emails. This problem is not a threat to your system and it is a temporary issue, but since it happens almost on a daily basis it can be quite nerve-racking for the users. So if you want to continue using your email services and messenger in peace it is advisable to take care of this problem quickly. If you want more detailed information on this error, you can contact AOL tech support number

The GAH error in AOL mail if not taken care of right away could go from temporary to permanent. The initial symptoms of this error are issues in sending and receiving messages, repeated pop-ups of error messages on your screen, unable to access AOL messenger and cooling your current browser. So keep an eye out for these symptoms and if you ever come across even one of these errors, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Clean up your entire cache, cookies, and temporary files. Sometimes an overload of histories and caches or cookies can cause a lot of traffic thereby slowing down the performance of your browser and ultimately affecting your AOL mail services.
  • Check for your current browser’s latest updates and update it as soon as possible.
  • You must ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection before you access your email services.
  • Make sure that you enter the correct email address and also the correct password while logging in to your account.

Execute these methods or measures if you ever face the GAH error in AOL mail and it will instantly solve the issue. But if these methods do not work and you require technical assistance, you can dial AOL tech support phone number to obtain professional help from technical experts.


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Unable to login AOL on Apple

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-11-23

AOL desktop is not just available for Windows, they have also kept in mind the needs and requirements of the Mac users as well. All sorts of features that they provide to the Windows users, they provide it to the Apple users as well. Though AOL phone number is present on their websites I doubt that you will land into a situation where you will be using it. AOL email is a free emailing portal that gives the much-needed speed and security to your internet surfing experience.

 The company Verizon Communications has invented and launched this product that has created many happy users worldwide. Not to brag but it is true that you will always be assisted through the problems you face while using, downloading, and installing this application. And talking about issues, one of the issues that the people using this software commonly face is the issue of logging in. Now this problem is, on one hand, on the other hand, the solutions to fixing this problem are listed below. You can follow this:


  • The first and foremost thing that you can do is to check the internet connection that you are using. At times when you are using a slow internet connection, users might face the login problem. So it is better to check the Wi-Fi connection or the internet you are using. Connect to a high-speed network to get the best experience of using the software.


  • Now if you are one of those who forget their ID’s and passwords then write it down somewhere because a wrong credential can force you out of using AOL. Moreover, like the other email providers, the AOL desktop is also case sensitive, so do not neglect the way you have inputted the credentials. You will have to punch the email ID and password in the same way as you have done it in the beginning.


  • Now sometimes it can happen that everything you have done is right except the apple device you are using. Yes, I am not joking. So also double check that the device is working just fine. If not then restart it and retry to log in.
  • One more way to sort this problem in to delete the AOL account from your device and then add it again in it. Once you do this, you might be able to log in

 If all these tricks don’t work fine then you know what to do, contact a technician for help using the AOL contact number

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How to fix AOL email account login problem

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-11-21

In this day and age, there are many email service providers in the world and the top two contenders being Yahoo and Gmail. These two email service providers have been overshadowing the rest of the smaller and less popular service provides for decades hence people don’t know much about the rest apart from these two. But among all the lesser known ones, there is one that has been gaining the attention and interest of a lot of people from across the globe. And that particular service provider is AOL. Ever since its foundation has been laid, it has been coming up steadily and these days there are many people who use AOL as their email service provider. This email has many interesting features like keyboard shortcuts so that users would save time, organizing mail into folders for better access, the ability to switch between regular and basic AOL mail etc. For a better understanding of AOL email, you can contact AOL Email Customer Service 1-877-226-6053. This support number is reachable at any time of the day and it is toll-free.

Although there are many great features associated with AOL email, it also suffers from certain setbacks. One among these is the email login problem that customers face on a daily basis. This problem is caused by many factors and the measures taken to resolve this are the same. So if you want to know how to solve this issue then follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your computer’s home screen and open or launch chrome.
  • After this, open the settings menu on the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘advanced’ which will open the advanced settings of the browser.
  • For those of you using Chrome book, Linux or Mac, click on ‘reset setting ‘and under this option select ‘restore settings to their original default’ and click ‘reset setting’.
  • For those using Windows, click on ‘reset and cleanup’ and under this, select ‘reset setting’.

These steps will reset your chrome settings to default and you will be able to eradicate the login errors of AOL email. But if the problem still persists then you can contact AOL Email Technical Support Number for an instant solution to your problems.


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How to Solve HP Wireless Printer, not printing Issue

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-11-15

HP has been in the market as one of the leading brands in the world for a long time now. They have been producing a lot of cool stuff for their customers and have kept on improvising on their goods. This has always given them an edge over the other companies in having a good relationship with their clients as well as their customers. HP is well known for their desktops, laptops, printers and lots of other tech gadgets. One more thing that is not to forget is their assistance. You can also get yourself all the assistance that you desire using the HP Printer Technical Support when you are setting it for yourself.


As it is always preferred to take help from an expert to troubleshoot a problem or set up a new device. They give you the best and the easiest possible way so that you don’t end up creating a mess. If you have already finished the connection of your wireless printer and it still is not printing anything, you might have to see what the exact problem is because there is not just one but many reasons that can pose this problem. So let us take a look at a few problems that you can be the reason for this issue:


  • You might not have set the printer as a default printer. So if you have more than 1 printers then just have a look at what’s your default printer.
  • This might sound lame but sometimes due to the virus, the print command gets canceled on its own so you should also check your desktop for the virus as well.
  • If you are having an outdated printer driver issues like this can arise during that time as well.


Now if you think that this problem can be solved by you then here is what you can do:


  • Firstly just check all the parts that, are they in the right shape or not. For that, you need to check your ink injector. Just tap on it gently so if the flow of the ink would be interrupted due to any reason, you can fix it on the spot.
  • Then check the paper tray by loading a paper, now while doing this you can be very cautious because before you actually give a printing command you need to cancel it. This will self-test the report.
  • Now once the printing is done, see where the ink is spread. It might help you in fixing the cartridge problem.



After trying all this if you still can get it right then get help using the HP Printer Customer Service Number.


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Now a days the threat of cyber-attack has increased a lot. Having an antivirus installed doesn’t mean your system is protected from outer as well as inner viruses, malware, and another malicious program. In order to provide an extra layer of the shield, it is necessary to install AOL tech Fortress. To gain more information about this software just get in touch with AOL Email Customer Care 1-866-226-6053 who are online 24x7 to clarify all your concerns.

Features of AOL Tech Fortress

  • Protect computer from a malicious computer application, software or viruses
  • It acts as a companion of your antivirus software
  • Scan every program before launching or using it
  • Operates in the background without disturbing the speed and performance of the system

System Requirement

Minimum system requirement needed for AOL Tech fortress are:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10. AOL Tech fortress is not compatible with Mac devices and iOS
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 200 Mb free disk space

If you have AOL account then just sign-in using username and password. But if you don’t have you to register yourself then begin the process of installing.

Install AOL tech fortress

  • Click on ‘MyBenefits’ after signing to account
  • Locate AOL tech fortress and click to download it
  • Once the download is complete, run the .exe file
  • A series of installation wizard steps will open
  • You need to read the terms of the agreement and accept it
  • Once the installation step is completed, click on the prompt of Finish
  • A window will open asking to restart your system. You can either do it now or select later.

Uninstall AOL tech fortress

  • Open the control panel
  • Locate the option of Uninstall a program or Add/Remove a program
  • From the list of installed program, search for AOL tech Fortress
  • Click on it to Uninstall/ Remove it
  • You need to follow the onscreen instruction displayed on your screen to complete the process of uninstallation
  • Once done, restart the system

If you get stuck while performing the steps as directed then reach AOL Email Tech Support Number who are available all day long to sort out the issue. The team of experts will help you in resolving the problem in a fraction of time. They are known for their prompt response and giving a complete solution for the issue confronted.


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Why am I not able to read email in AOL Mail

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-10-31

If you are unable to read the AOL email, there may be different reasons behind this problem. To solve the problem with AOL mail you don’t need to take the stress when tech support is here to help you. You can reach to tech support via AOL Email Tech Support Number 1-877-226-6053 and find the solution. The trained experts of customer care are 24 X 7 ready to help its customers. Well, you can also try some troubleshooting steps described here. After ever successful attempt you need to check if you are able to read mail, if not then try next step. Follow all steps until you able to solve the problem.

Solutions to fix Mail problem:

  • Remove the cookies, cache, history, and footprints which are the reason for email conflict. After deleting all junk and temp files try to read the email. If you are still failed to read it then go to next step.
  • Check if there are any issues with the Web setting & reset it.
  • Make sure if the firewall is act as a hindrance for AOL Mail, then temporary block it. Antivirus feature firewall use to block the email, which may be one reason this email problem.
  • Deactivate the pop-up blocking software, try to access your AOL mail by using other browser & then read the email. You can also try to access the AOL email via another device.
  • Temporarily deactivate the Internet Protected Mode in Internet Explorer
  • Access the AOL email by using Basic version & then click on inbox.


After trying these all steps if you are unable to read the AOL email, you need to reach out to the customer care. Via

AOL Email Customer Care you will able to resolve the problem. The service of tech support is 24 X 7 available for its users. Within a short period of time, the experts will offer you the exact solution. Whenever you required help for AOL Email troubleshoots, just as tech support team. To get an exact solution for AOL Email problem you can opt for customer care team.


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What to do if you are unable to access AOL Email account

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-10-24
What to do if you are unable to access AOL Email account

Are you unable to access your AOL Email account? Are you facing hassles in signing into your account? And you don’t know the right way to get access to your account! Then you are reading the right blog. Here you will get to know the possible reasons due to which you are unable to get access to your AOL email account as well as solution to fix the issue. For urgent help in accessing your account, you can get in touch with AOL Email Customer Care Number 1-877-226-6053 which can be accessed at any time of the day.

There might be possibly two reasons behind your inability to access your email account. Firstly, you are unable to sign in to your account, secondly, you have forgotten your password. There can be other causes as well but these two are the basic ones. But to get easy access to your account, you can try performing the troubleshooting steps yourself.

  • Before starting the troubleshooting check these points:
  • Did you use your correct username and password? Were your caps lock off while entering the details?
  • Do you want to qualify for a new account if you are fed up using the old one?
  • Have you forgotten your password
  • Have you tried rebooting and clearing your device’s cache and cookies?

If you can relate the above questions with your issue then there is some problem in signing into the account or wrong entering the password.

Solution: How to get access to your AOL email account

  • Try remembering the details of password and username
  • By resetting the password
  • By setting your browsers security settings to default
  • Try clearing any cache/cookies, footprints from the websites you visited
  • Try checking your network connection

You can always reset your password in case of inability to access your account or simply ask for help from AOL Email Customer Support, where the trained technicians will help you in sorting out the issue in minimum time.


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