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Email issues are very common and finding a complete solution for those issues are quite difficult until you will dial AOL Email Customer Service Number. It might be confusing that why this happen so and the reason is through this toll-free number you can directly contact to customer care executives where you will find a solution for your email hiccups. So, stop worrying about your AOL email issues and chill because you will definitely get a complete solution for your email hitches.

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Troubleshoot an AOL dial-up connection

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-02-14

A dial-up connection is a form of internet access that works by establishing a connection with the internet service provider through the public telephone network. The AOL dial-up connection allows users to experience an enhanced broadband internet connection and also keeps users safe while the access the net. Dial-up connections are normally slower than broadband internet connections and users often call aol support number to complain of errors while using a connection with the AOL dial-up.

Since customers use the internet for so many different purposes it can be very frustrating when the internet service is down and you cannot get online. If you are among those users who are struggling with their AOL dial-up connection then you have come to the right place. This is a comprehensive guide to show you how you can troubleshoot your AOL dial-up connection.

Steps to troubleshoot AOL dial-up connection

  1. Problem with the dial tone: Check to see if you are getting a dial tone on your connection. If you are getting a dial tone then it is understood that there is a problem with your computer or browser settings. If you do not have a dial tone you know that the problem is with the service.
  2. Change in phone services: As mentioned earlier a dial-up connection works through the public phone networks. If you have changed your phone service then it may cause a problem with the dial-up connection.

  3. Careful with the cable: Something as small as a loose cable connection or a broken cord disrupt the internet. Verify that all the cables are securely in place.

  4. Reconnect the phone devices: Unplug all the devices that are connected to the dial-up connection and then reconnect them one by one.

  5. Restart your computer: As with the phone devices disconnect and restart your computer system. This should clear the memory log and allow your system to refresh.

    6Change the access number
    : If for whatever reason you cannot connect to the AOL Dialer, you can try manually entering an alternate access number to try and connect to the internet.

  6. Confirm your username and password: Sometimes a mistake in the login credentials entered will halt access to the internet. Be sure to use the correct username and password while logging in.

If the connection is still giving trouble it is best to speak to the internet service provider. You can reach out to an AOL representative through the aol phone number available online. Experts are available 24 hours a day to help you troubleshoot the dial-up error so that you can get back online and use the internet.

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How to transfer AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-02-05
How to transfer AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook

AOL and Microsoft are both at the top of their game when it comes to email and other features. But customers will have their own preference of either one, especially after they have used both the services. Customers looking to shift from one email service provider to another will find it difficult to manually enter all their contacts. If you are one such customer and if you are looking for a way to transfer your AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook then you are in the right place. A lot of users may find it difficult to transfer their AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook. But this transfer should not be difficult. Even though the aol phone number is active 24 hours a day you will not need to contact them unless the issue you are facing a really complicated.

When transferring your AOL contacts, the most important thing you must keep in mind is to transfer your data using a comma-separated value. These CVS files are useful because they are compatible with almost any email service provider, including Microsoft Outlook. If you are looking to transfer your contacts cleanly here are a couple of steps you could follow:

Steps to Export contacts from your AOL account

As it was mentioned earlier, the most effective way of transferring your contacts is by saving them as a CSV file. You can follow the steps below to learn how to do that:

  • Go to the AOL Homepage and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to Contacts and look for the ‘Export’ option under ‘Tools’
  • You will see a ‘Comma Separated Value’ option. You will notice that it looks a little like a radio button. Select the CSV option and click ‘Export’.
  • The file will begin downloading. Once the download is complete save the file on your computer in a convenient location.

Steps to Import your AOL contacts to your Microsoft Outlook account

The reason why the CSV file format is the best because it is compatible with most software and can be easily imported by Microsoft Outlook. Just follow these steps

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and select the ‘Import and Export’ option from the menu.
  • You should be able to see an option that reads ‘Import from another program or file’.
  • Choose ‘Comma Separated Value’ format and continue.
  • Select the CVS file you downloaded and click ‘next’. But don’t forget to choose the ‘Do not import duplicate’ option
  • Now you just need to choose the folder where you want the contact and click ‘Finish’.


If you follow the steps mentioned above you will be able to easily transfer all your contacts without any hassle. However if you encounter a technical error or for some reason are not able to complete a step, just call the aol customer care to sort out the problem.

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Blerk error 1 in AOL Mail

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-02-01
Blerk error 1 in AOL Mail

Errors in AOL mail can occur anytime and anywhere. It becomes really crucial that you resolve these errors on an immediate basis otherwise you can land yourself in serious troubles. This type of problem can be a case of serious worry, especially when almost all of your work is generated through emails. As the fact cannot be denied that AOL desktop gold is a platform that is integrated with millions of apps, and AOL mail is one of them. The AOL mail works similarly like other mail services. To access any mail service, it is really important that you keep your web browsers up to date and makes sure that other things such as frequently deleting the cookies and caches, etc. are kept in mind. Whenever you are using the AOL mail for any purpose, you could have encountered with a display message ‘Blerk 1 error’. If you haven’t encountered with it till now, you can still read the blog in order to gain some knowledge so that if in future this type of error arises, you can take care of it from your own side. And if you are the one who is actually looking for the solution, then you have come to the right place. Just keep reading this blog and get a perfect solution. You can try working on these methods before you opt for reaching out to the

AOL Email Customer Care 1-877-226-6053.

The Blerk error 1 in AOL mail is generally when the browser settings are not up to date, especially if you are using an older version of the browser. You must always make sure that you keep the settings updated to avoid this kind of error in the future. And if this error has already occurred, the just employ the given method and get the issue fixed:

  • Adjust the browser settings. Since the main reason behind this error is some errors in the browser settings, so need to adjust that. For every web browser, there are different methods. It depends on which you are using. You can go to the official website of that particular web browser and get a solution to adjust the browser settings.
  • If you are unaware that the URL of AOL mail has changed over time, there is no reason to worry. If you have bookmarked or saved the older URL, you just need to change the link and replace it with a newer one. Just make sure that you set the correct URL to avoid the error in the future
  • Try working on a different web browser such as Chrome or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, as it is considered the more reliable source when it comes to working on AOL mail.


These methods will certainly help you to adjust the issue and will also make you extra careful for the future. And if you feel that you still need the technical assistance, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the AOL Email Customer Service Number and talk to the expert techies.


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How to set up AOL Mail in Windows Mail

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-25

You must have read a lot about AOL Desktop Gold software and if you are its constant user and avail the software for accessing different applications, then it is no doubt that you must be aware of its user-friendly benefits and advantages that it provides to the customers. Even though you must be definitely aware that AOL Company has also given its operators the premium advantages to access AOL emails by this software, but maybe it must have skipped your mind and you must be wondering that whether it is possible to set up AOL mail in windows mail. The answer to your query is yes, and it is no doubt that both the mails can be synced together. If you are having an account in AOL mail, you can very easily link it to the Windows Mail by implementing the steps given in this blog, you will be able to use and access the AOL mail via Windows mail tool. To make it certain that the setup is executed properly, you need to keep the given tips into mind and if you still face any complications, then you must contact the AOL customer care providers and have a chat with them.

You will be required to configure the account type, incoming and outgoing server settings and also the POP settings before you start with the setup process.

How to create the setup?

  • Look for Windows mail in the default browser and Enter. Go to the Tool menu and search for accounts. Open the drop-down menu with a right click and select the option of the add E-mail account. Ensure to have a fast working net connection.
  • Provide with your appropriate Windows Mail login credentials and tap next.
  • Once through, now start configuring the incoming and outgoing server settings:

Incoming Server Settings (POP 3)

Incoming mail server:

Port Settings- POP3-995-SSL

Outgoing server Settings (POP 3)

Outgoing mail server:

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

Incoming Server Settings (IMAP)

Incoming mail server:

Port Settings:  IMAP-993-SSL

Outgoing server settings (IMAP)

Outgoing mail server:

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

  • Hit on Apply>Okay.
  • Click on Next and you will see the tab where you need to enter the username and password of the AOL email.
  • Now go to the Properties and Advance tab.
  • Choose the option to apply the changes, and once done close the program and exit after saving the changes.

The above method will help you with the setup configuration. In case you are not able to configure the process and is dealing with any glitches, then you can talk to the customer executives at AOL customer support number and get guided and professional assistance.


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How to fix AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Error 102

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-22

AOL Instant messenger is a platform provided by AOL for its users to send instant messages to the user's contact list or friends. It is a fun and exciting way to interact with people on a daily basis. But while using this messenger, you might come across certain problems especially the error code 102. This can occur during program installation and can cause the application to shut down. This is usually caused when the download file is corrupted or there is a fault in the windows registry from a recent AOL Instant Messenger. There are many ways to resolve this error and in this blog, you will be shown how to fix AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Error 102 in two very effective methods.

AOL Email Customer Care Number 1-877-226-6053

The two methods that you will be adopting today have been listed and explained to you in the steps given below:

The first method is to repair the registry entries associated with Error 102.

  • To begin, open the start menu on your desktop screen and type in ‘command’ in the search box at the bottom.
  • But do not press enter yet, first press CTRL and SHIFT together on the keyboard then hit ‘enter’.
  • You will be shown a permission box in which you have to select ‘yes’.
  • The moment you hit ‘yes’ you will see a black box. In that box, type in ‘regedit’ and press ‘enter’.
  • When the Registry Editor pops up, select ‘error 102’.
  • And on the file menu choose the option ‘export’. And in the ‘save in’ list choose the folder to save the AIM backup key.
  • Now type the name of the backup and in the ‘Export range’ box, select the ‘selected branch’. After you are done, apply the changes by clicking ‘save’.

The second method is to uninstall and reinstall AOL Instant Messenger associated with error 102.

  • On your Windows PC, bring up the Start context menu and go to ‘programs and features’.
  • Now here, you must locate the AOL error code 102 associated program which will be under the name column.
  • When you find it, click on the AIM associated entry and click ‘uninstall or change’.
  • Now all you need to do is to replicate the steps on the screen to finish uninstalling the error 102 associated program.

These are the two effective ways that you can perform to solve the error 102 in your AOL Instant Messenger.

If you come across any issue, while fixing this error, then the best recommended solution is to reach out to the AOL Email Tech Support. You can talk directly to the techies via call or can also avail the benefits of chatting with them. Just type in your name, email address and query and get instant solutions. You can also provide in with a suitable time when you are available for call, and the techies will contact you then.


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How to fix problems sending AOL mail

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-16
How to fix problems sending AOL mail

AOL mail is a service provided by AOL to its users. It is a free email service and anyone can make a free account. By being a user of AOL mail, you will be able to access and enjoy all its incredible features and benefits. It is a very safe and reliable email service provider and millions of people enjoy it. But no matter how amazing this email is, there seem to be certain faults that make it inconvenient to users at certain points of time. One of the problems that AOL email users face is the problem of sending emails through AOL. This particular problem is common in every email service provider. But the steps needed to fix it in AOL mail is quite different from the rest. So if you want to know how to fix problems sending AOL mail, you can contact AOL customer care and get the solution.

Whenever you have certain problems with sending emails in AOL mail, you are required to execute certain troubleshooting steps that will allow you to rectify the error immediately. Listed below are some that you can try on your own before contacting the customer service.

Restart the system.

This step has been proved to be very vital while handling this problem. Sometimes when you haven’t shut down your PC or laptop in a while, the internal memory, the RAM, gets too stuffy with all the added MBs of unwanted files. So you need to restart your computer very often to release the memory and to provide more space.

Try to utilize a different browser or update the existing browser.

Whenever you are having problems sending AOL emails, try to employ a different browser after closing the current one to open the emails. Or you must update the version of your browser since new and updated browser provide extra benefits like added security, faster page loading, and private browsing etc.

Inspect your mail settings.

If you have a mix of AOL names in your display name, you will have trouble sending emails. So you will have to update your AOL mail settings by going to your account and clicking the ‘options’ menu and selecting ‘mail settings’.

Clear out the browser cache and disable pop-up blocking software.

Perform a clear reset of your browser by cleaning out all the caches to remove unwanted cookies or bits of information. This will allow it to perform faster. Also, disable any software that prohibits pop-ups or you can add AOL mail to its ‘exception’ or ‘whitelist’.

By performing these steps you will be able to resolve the issue of sending AOL emails. If it doesn’t, you can also contact AOL customer support number to get the help of technical experts to help you solve the issue instantly.

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How to change AOL Password on iPhone

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-14

When you own an iPhone and have an AOL membership also. Then it will be easy for you to send or receive emails via AOL email service. You can anytime check the information or status of your AOL email account by adding that on your iPhone.

When you are an AOL email user, so in order to secure your account keep changing the password and you can change the password of your AOL email on iPhone. If you don’t know the steps to change AOL email password on iPhone, then read this whole blog and know the steps. This blog will be helpful to you, so read this blog and follow the same instructions given. Proceed with the guidance one by one. Then you can contact AOL Email Technical Support Number 1-877-226-6053.


Steps to change the password on iPhone

  1. Ensure that you know the password of your AOL email account.
  2. Go to the app list by swiping up the on the iPhone screen.
  3. Open the default email app on your iPhone.
  4. On the login page, enter the AOL email username and password, and tap on login.
  5. Then tap on the gear icon and go to the AOL email settings.
  6. Under the setting choose to go to the account settings. In that select change the password.
  7. Then in the appeared section, enter the current AOL email password as asked.
  8. After that, you can create a new Enter the new and unique password.
  9. Then fill confirm new password field.
  10. Then click on the continue button and don’t forget to save the changes.


Finally, you should have changed the AOL email password successfully, if you have followed the instructions as it is. Once you should try to login to AOL email using the new password to make sure you are able to access into your account. If you fail to access into AOL email using a new password or there is an error while AOL email password reset, then you should contact with AOL Email Customer Care.

Sometimes users forget the password of their AOL email account. In that critical situation, you should try to recover the password of your AOL email account. You can do that via secondary email or registered a phone number. Hopefully, this blog will be helpful for you, if you need an expert help then you can talk to professionally trained techies on the customer support number.


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How to fix AOL SMTP error

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-08

Whenever you have to send an email from an email client through you AOL mail you need to make certain changes or provide instructions to the program to access the AOL SMTP server. Without this server, you will not be able to send emails from your account. This server is only necessary when you are accessing your AOL mail account from a different website. So the requirement of the correct settings of the SMTP server is crucial as it makes it possible to exchange emails between servers. And sometimes you will experience errors in the AOL SMTP server. This happens because of improper or setting up of the email client. And to resolve this complication, you need to provide the correct details in the setting. So if you want to know how to fix the AOL SMTP error then you can keep referring to this blog or you can contact AOL customer care number to get help from certified AOL representatives.

To fix this error you need to verify or confirm that the details provided in the setting for the SMTP server are correct. If you see that it is not, then follow the steps below and make the necessary changes.

  • First of all, open the AOL email client program and go to ‘accounts’ from the ‘tools’ menu.
  • Select your AOL account and go to ‘properties’ by clicking right.
  • After this, select the ‘general’ tab and before continuing further, you need to make sure that the AOL email address provided is authentic and correct.
  • Now click on ‘servers’ and confirm your account name and password.
  • When you see the ‘login using secure password authentication’ option, uncheck it.
  • Again, you need to check or uncheck the ‘my server requires authentication’ option and after this go to ‘settings’.
  • Click the ‘login info’ and choose either of the following, ‘use name setting as my incoming mail server’, or ‘login using’ and enter the desired username and password.
  • After you have completed the above steps, try sending you messages.

Try the above steps to fix AOL SMTP error. However, if you come across any technical difficulty or glitches while performing the steps you can call AOL customer support number to avail the help of qualified employees. This is a 24 hours support number, therefore it can be accessed at any time of the day.

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AOL Email not working on iPhone

By aolemailcustomercare, 2019-01-03

AOL email is a webmail service provided by AOL Inc. This email service are accessible through all kinds of computers, cell phones, tablets etc. in cell phones AOL email is available as AIM mail which refers as AOL Instant Manager. Email service allows a user to send and receive important emails, share attachments with pictures and videos, chat with friends or a business client and much more. If you want to get into more details about AOL email service, then dial the AOL Email Customer Care.

This Email service is acknowledged by millions of people all over the world. Though, sometimes people get trouble while using this service. One of the problems with AOL email service is ‘not being able to access AOL email on their iPhone’. This problem not able to log in, or unable to see the home screen etc. to solve this issue there are many methods. In this blog, you will know the best troubleshooting steps to get rid of this problem.

A solution of AOL email not working on iPhone issue

The best technique to fix AOL Email not working issue is to remove the email account from iPhone and then log in again. For that follow these steps:

  • Take your iPhone in your hand and swipe up on the screen. After that go to the settings menu.
  • After that go to the ‘Accounts and password’ option and you will see the list of all the accounts you have logged in with. In that list choose AOL account.
  • When the AOL account section opens, choose to delete the account. The option to delete the account is in the last. After the removal of AOL account from the iPhone wait for few minutes.
  • After that choose to add an account. Sign-in using your AOL Account credentials.
  • If the problem still persists, then disable the Firewall and other blocking applications temporarily.
  • Run any virus scanner to check for the virus or malware presence.

This is one of the methods to solve the AOL Email not working on iPhone Error. This is the most helpful technique to get rid of this issue. In case this method doesn’t work then contact on AOL Email Tech Support Number. You will get the assistance of a professional expert who will help you to get rid of this problem. This number is toll-free available round the clock. So, dial this number anytime whenever you feel like the guidance of an expert regarding any AOL Email issue.


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Solve AOL Message Error Message Not Sent

By aolemailcustomercare, 2018-12-28

AOL email services have been known for providing its users with the best quality services. Its popularity is growing day by day and it is reaching new heights. Almost everyone is now creating an account in this service and enjoying the benefits. The customers who have upgraded their software to AOL Desktop Gold, know very well about the advanced features making this email service very user-friendly. But no software or technology can be 100% free from technical complications. One of the most recurring problems that the operators go through is the message not being sent to the concerned person due to some error. This blog will help you identify the reason and solutions behind this issue, so if interested you can move ahead. Try troubleshooting your device using the suggested solution in this blog or if in case, you feel that you need technical aid, feel free to consult the techies at AOL customer care number 1-877-226-6053 anytime.


Possible reasons

  • Unstable internet connection
  • The browser not responding or taking the commands
  • Too many tabs being opened, leading to this error
  • Unsupported windows browser
  • The letters AOL or A.O.L as being a part of the accounts display name.
  • Virus or malware attack


After you have detected the likely reason behind this error, you can work on the solution of the issues according to that. Fixing this error is really easy, provided that you following solutions presented in this blog. This blog has tried to simplify the steps in a really easy way so that even if you have no knowledge about technical stuff, you can still work easily on it. It is requested that you spare some of your valuable time and read it till the end so that you get all the answers to your queries.


Recommended Steps: 

  • Try switching off your Wi-Fi connection once and switch it back after a few minutes. Sometimes faulty internet connection can also lead to this error.
  • Make sure that you are providing with your valid login credentials
  • Check whether your software is up to date. If not, then kindly install the newer one from your preferred web browser.
  • Check whether your Adobe flash player is updated
  • Clear all the browsing history, cookies, and
  • Delete the junk files in your system that is making it slower.
  • Switch on to other web browser and close all the tabs that are currently opened in your browser.
  • Ensure that the words AOL are not mistyped in your account
  • Check whether your AOL account display name is correct by going to the mail settings.
  • Close all the windows shut down your system and restart it again. Try sending the message once again after a wait for a couple of minutes


It is not mandatory to work on all the given steps to fix this error. Try working on the solution behind the reason that you have possibly identified. If nothing works, then dial the AOL tech support to get all the possible aids behind your issues from the expert technicians.

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