Army Of In Between
About Army Of In Between

Army Of In Between (AOIB) is a theatrical horror art band that perform an avant-garde fusion of industrial, metal, and horror film score. AOIB was founded at Carroll, Iowa in 1997 by Pitt Ripply, relocating to Omaha, Nebraska in 2003. The band is currently recorded independently by Infinite Productions and DF Studios and released under ZeroPoint Music in the United States. The band's current members are Pitt (vocals/synth), DarC (guitars), and Halbgott (drums/synth/guitars). The band's current album project is entitled 'Polytheistic Revolution'.

AOIB's latest album is about the return of the gods from deep space. Covering the fear of the extraterrestrial. It is said to be a futuristic concept album, a new telling of the apocalypse and the new age of life that extends afterwards. The 'Defrag the Earth' EP was released in October 2009. The Polytheistic Revolution LP is due to be released in October 2010. 'Defrag The Tour' will occur during summer 2010.