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Mozilla Thunderbird is among the open-source, news and email clients created by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Thunderbird is used by countless consumers worldwide due to its abundant variety of attributes. Behind these attributes, users face many technical problems when using Mozilla Thunderbird. In these circumstances, users can contact the Mozilla Thunderbird technical service team to obtain the appropriate assistance from technical specialists.

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Configure Mozilla Thunderbird in Outlook


First, open Thunderbird and then go to the Program menu and select Add account.

Now enter your account information and choose Options and then select Account Settings.

Now click on Account Actions and then select Add mail account alternative.

Then, enter your account information and click Continue.

Now click on Manual Configuration and enter the following information for your own machine:

Now log in after the tips for the outgoing server:

Then, click Done to complete the Procedure.

Change Password


To start, start your Mozilla Thunderbird and then click on the tools, after which, the Options icon.

Touch the Passwords below the Security option.

Touch the Saved password option and click the Show passwords option to view the full password.

Then, choose the email accounts whose password you need to modify and then click on the Delete option.

Now change your Thunderbird password using a new one to finish the procedure.


Create a Mozilla Thunderbird account


To get started, start your Thunderbird and click on the Tools menu and select Account Settings.

Now click on Account Actions and then choose Add Alternative Mail Account.

Now modify the username along with your email address.

Now place the incoming server from POP or IMAP according to your own choice. Choose STARTTLS from the options.

Then, place the outgoing server and enter Choose SMTP port 25 and choose STARTTLS.

Now click on the Create Account alternative to complete the Procedure.


Best Gmail service


Another essential area that Mozilla wants to improve in 2019 will be the Gmail service in Thunderbird. Gmail is one of the largest email services on Earth, therefore, it is logical that Mozilla ensures that your email client is fully compatible. This may consist of adding the Gmail tag service, in addition to additional attributes specific to Gmail in Thunderbird.

The way Thunderbird handles and displays notifications will also be improved, with improved integration with the integrated information systems of different operating systems. According to Mozilla, "By focusing on this attribute, Thunderbird will feel much more 'native' on each desktop computer and simplify the handling of program notifications."


New appearance

Mozilla also intends to update the Thunderbird user interface (UI) according to consumer comments, so we will see a nicer and easier to work Thunderbird in 2019.

Among those improvements in the user interface will be related to security and encryption, with Thunderbird, which simplifies the sending and encryption of emails to ensure that your personal communication is confidential.

Mozilla goes into more details about these new attributes (and many others) in his own article on the Thunderbird mailing list, and we are very happy to discover that Mozilla continues to update and evolve Thunderbird in 2019, despite being a little more compared to Firefox

Today enter your name and email address in the specified box and click Continue.

Then, click Allow automatic configuration and click on the Edit option.


Technical Support

We have the team of highly qualified and Experienced Technicians, If you have problems during the procedure; simply dial the Mozilla Thunderbird Technical Support Number to find the best help from accredited technicians.

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