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Therehas been a debate about which type of transmission is better foryears, and it has mostly revolved around fuel economy and drivercontrol. But there are other aspects to consider, too, regarding howa certain type of transmission affects engine performance and overalldriving experience. It's not easy to determine what is better, as itmay simply come down to driver's preferences, but a couple of factscould help you decide which is better for your driving style.

Automatictransmission pros

Automatictransmission is more suitable for city driving. Driving in densetraffic, with lots of starts and stops is easier if you haveautomatic. That is because it allows you to switch through gears moreeasily and quickly, which is perfect for urban driving, where youhave to stop at traffic lights or stop for pedestrians quite a lot.

It'salso better for new drivers, as there is no clutch and shifting gearsis less complicated, so they don't need extra focus for a third pedalor to remember which way to turn the stick Submersible Pumps Manufacturers to switch to a certaingear.

Automatictransmission cons

Firstof all, it's more expensive than manual, and can cost $500-1,000more. So, if you want to save money, you will opt for manual.

Automatictransmission maintenance is also more expensive. It's morecomplicated to repair and mechanics charge more for it. Also, thoughnot by a large amount, automatic provides worse fuel efficiency.

Mostcars in Europe have manual transmissions, so if you ever plan ontravelling to Europe and have to rent a car you'll find it difficult to operate, as you are used toautomatic.

Manualtransmission pros

Themost significant advantage over the automatic is that it providesbetter control, especially in poor road and weather conditions.

Ifyour car needs to be towed, or you have to tow another car, it'sbetter if it has manual transmission. Besides being cheaper, manualtransmission is easier to fix and you can do some of the repairsyourself.

Oneof the most important benefits with manual is that the driver gets amore complete, active and satisfying driving experience.

Manualtransmission cons

Manualis not for people that just want straight forward driving without toomany distractions and controls to think about.

Anotherthing is that it can be quite a hassle to drive a manual in the city,as you could get tired easily by the fact that you have to press anddepress the clutch constantly.

Manualtransmission can present safety risks for inexperienced or unskilleddrivers, because it requires more focus and it can lead to stallingor serious damages to the engine.

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