Latest Xbox One Path of Exile Update Adds Map Stash and More

user image 2018-07-16
By: baby
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After weeks of looking forward to the Map Stash for being available for purchase for the Xbox One version for Path of Exile, those who’ve ventured over to POE Goods Wraeclast can finally do this thanks to the latest Path of Exile update patch that rolled out.

Alongside the long awaited Map Stash to finally be available within the Xbox One version in the free-to-play game, Here’s every one of the big fixes and general total well being improvements the recently released patch for Path of Exile includes.

For more Path of Exile news, Grinding Gear Games has detailed a smaller glimpse from the upcoming league that's approximately titled “Beastiary League.”As with Buy POE Orbs every new league for Path of Exile, this new league mechanic tasks the squad to capture and sacrifice monsters to craft gear. More details with the upcoming league is usually read here.

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