Nexon announces MapleStory 2 alpha test in Korea

By: Bale
Posted in: MapleStory 2

Nexon Korea Corporation is glad to announce the dates for Alpha Testing with their upcoming free-to-play MMORPG MapleStory 2. From 17th to 21st September, Nexon Korea can tell you a major portion of the sport to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos selected players from South Korea.

MapleStory 2 is usually a new, online, full 3D MMORPG which has been in development since 2010. Set in the era before MapleStory, players can begin to play a completely new a higher level freedom within their experience.

The Alpha Test lets players to participate in MapleStory 2 Mesos development because they select from different character classes and explore the rich landscape of mountains, oceans, valleys, and cities.

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