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BIANKA'S stage career began traditionally as a young citizen council to participate in the circle of folk dancing and choir singing. After devoting 4 years to the art of 'Kalinka' and 'birch', this priceless actress went to pursue her singing career. In a short period of time, BIANKA exceeded all expectations as a singer and gained a  number of prizes and awards. At 16, she received the Grand Prix International Competition for Young Performers 'Mallow', then - the Grand Prix of Young Pop Song and Dance 'White Rus', and at the international competition she was ranked third.

BIANKA is now taking her Stardom to the International stage by signing a deal with independent label 3 SHOTS PRODUCTIONS.  BIANKA will do her songs in English/Russian with the help of the companies song writers.  3 SHOTS PRODUCTIONS hopes that with great production and BIANKA'S phenomenal exotic voice, they will be able to blaze the trail and solidify a deal with a MAJOR label.  If this happens the possiblities of marketing this Great artist will be endless.  Both the label and BIANKA are thrilled to be working together so to all her fans and fans to be BIANKA the new RNB (DIVA) promises to give you her best in all her endeavors.


In 2009 Bianka appeared in an advertisement for the prominent billion dollar brand Sunsilk, a brand which Madonna also represents.  Bianka was awarded a leading role for Sunsilk which aired in 12 countries which include not only the CIS, but also Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Poland. 

2009 Graced the Cover of MAXIM Magazine

2009 Most sexy girl on MAXIM magazine

2008 Graced the Cover of XXL Magazine

2008 Billboard Magazine


Beyonce', Aretha Franklin, Pink, Rihanna

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