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How to paint spray texture ceilings have long been the subject of debate among painters and handymen. The alternatives could either be using spray or a roller. Which is the better option? Easier? Less expensive? 

Let's evaluate both options and see which comes out more suited to your needs and budget. 

Spray Painting

The more popular opinion among paint contractors is that using a sprayer is the better route when painting a spray texture ceiling. And really, for the experienced spray painter, it is the easier method. You don't even have to touch the ceiling and still get even coverage. Even if you have some "looseness" in the texture, simply using an oil-based paint can do the trick for a flawless finish. 

Spray painting also takes much less time than rolling, so the painters can be in and out of your house in no time. If you hire a contractor who already has a spray unit available and you don't need to buy or rent, spray painting definitely is the cheaper option because you won't need to spend as much on labor.

On the other hand, using spraying obviously requires the use of a spray unit. If you are not skilled in using one, you really need to test it to get an idea of how the spray gun works, and the area it covers with a single pull of the trigger. If you won't be doing the work yourself though, and plan to hire painters who are familiar with the process and the equipment, you should Window shade fabric Suppliers have no worries there. 

The only other thing that you need to remember before even beginning to spray paint is that everything within the room should be protected. You may have all the furniture taken out or have them gathered in the center of the room and covered with a tarp. This will ensure that your items will not be accidentally sprayed on. 

Rolling Paint

Rolling paint on your ceiling is another option that you can take. This method actually allows for more durability in the long run, and gives you a better base for future repainting. Whether you plan to paint a flat or textured ceiling, paint rolling provides for a thicker paint application and the thicker the coat of paint on your ceiling, the more resistant it is to stains and mildew.

When you use the paint rolling method, you also need to use acrylic latex paint which bonds tighter to your ceiling and therefore lessens the chances of your texture ceiling to loosen and fall down on you.

The disadvantage of this method is that it typically takes a lot more time than spray painting. First, you would need to have the ceiling primed with one coat of a nonwater-based primer or sealer. Then the painting itself requires a more systematic process, starting with the main part of the ceiling then working towards the walls as close as you can without touching the walls with your roller. Then you paint the perimeter using a brush.

While the process certainly takes time, if you or your handyman does it the proper way, you can be sure that your painted ceiling will last you a long time.

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