What Bug Fixed in Path of Exile 3.1.0d?

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published12/14/17 08:50:00AM 

Grinding Gear Games have released the latest expansion for Path of Exile, the new “War for the Atlas” campaign. Now U4gm POE currency shares with you What Bug Fixed in Path of exile 3.1.0d. U4gm POE currency as an expert, U4gm website, offers...

Path of Exile - War For The Atlas and Abyss Challenge League First Impressions

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published12/20/17 08:43:00AM 

In the past few days, Grinding Gear Games released the long awaited 3.1.0 patch which launched the Expansion War for the Atlas, and the Abyss Challenge League. While it's still far to early to map out the entire functionality changes to the...

Farm Uber Lab Are Effectively in Path of Exile

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published12/25/17 09:21:00AM 

Farm uber lab is an important task which help you a lot in Path of Exile. Many players often farm uber lab but quite a few of them don't do it effectively. In terms of this issue, in many cases, the major problem is that they spend upwards of...

How to Get Gems in Path of Exile 3.1.0

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published12/28/17 08:34:00AM 

With the seventh expansion of War for the Atlas a success. More and more player join the Path of Exile team. This expansion focuses mainly on reworking the endgame Atlas of Worlds system. I see this question asked multiple times in chat...

Path of Exile 3.1: Do You Meet Any Trouble with Map Drop Rates?

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/04/18 09:30:00AM 

Hey, I am playing Path of Exile 3.1 for sometime and I try to get this completion rate from the atlas, I have needed to buy about 80% from the maps on my small atlas, so I need to farm more orbs in Abyss, and it’s really not easy to farm orb...

Those Important Events Happened in Path of Exile 2017

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/08/18 08:49:00AM 

With 2017 coming to a close, Path of Exile is in a great place going into 2018. Path of Exile wanted to post our annual retrospective on 2017. After once more, Path of Exile’s proud to announce that Path of Exile had the most productive year...

What Patch Notes in Path of exile 3.1.2?

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/18/18 09:18:00AM 

Tomorrow GGG plan to deploy the 3.1.2 update that introduces bug fixes and more!

There's now a UI option called "Advanced Mod Descriptions" which shows additional information about items when you press Alt. It breaks...

Path of Exile - Whether To Adopt Advanced Strategies?

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/19/18 08:20:00AM 

As a relatively new player, the sextant system has been the only thing to truly discourage me from continuing to play. However, Sextants, and sextant blocking, mar an otherwise fascinating endgame.

Sextants are items you find...

Ele Claw Inquisitor - Farm Shaper in Path of Exile!

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/22/18 09:22:00AM 

For all interested I also added an alternative way of weapon scaling. The main Idea is to use physical weapons instead of pure elemental ones and convert the entire damage to elemental. Before 3.1 the conversion was pretty painful. But with...

How to Better Use Path of Exile Orbs?

By: u4fifa Posted in: path of exile  published01/23/18 06:04:00AM 

For the first part of this series we will only touch on a few of the more basic Orbs. I will break them up into three categories based on the level of item rarity they interact with, Magic, Rare, and Misc (everything).


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