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Bob has been playing classical and electric guitar for 15 years. Since then joined many bands in different music styles including jazz/blues/rock/metal/funk/fusion/progressive and solo performances in classical and flamenco guitar. Bob performs teaches and records professionally through the last 8 years. Joined the famous greek rock band george gakis and the troublemakers since 2010 with many performances all over Greece and supporting famous bands and artists (scorpions/firewind/deep purple/twisted sister/uli john roth…) as well as recording on the bands upcoming album produced by Kip Winger. For the last 2 years bob has started composing and performing is own instrumental songs in progressive and fusion styles mainly influenced by guitarists such as John Petrucci, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, Guthrie Govan, Scott Henderson.


dream theater,liquid tension,f.gambale,g.govan,greg howe and many more………

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