Dusting and wiping them can clean mini blinds

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Dusting and wiping them can clean mini blinds. However, they are usually neglected even when you dust and wipe almost everything in the room. As you continue to neglect the blinds, they accumulate so much dust that when you open them to let some sunlight in, all those layers of dust are disturbed.

 Dust will go flying RO water dispenser around and covering everything around the room. You might even do some coughing and sneezing as your body's automatic reaction to dust. If you do not want to find yourself in this dirty situation, you should regularly clean your blinds. They might no longer have their original colour now when dust has settled in them a long time ago. You might ask how you can get the blinds to spark like something brand new. There are many effective ways for you to maintain the beauty of your window blinds. This way, you do not have to keep replacing them.

VacuumingVacuuming the blinds should be the first thing to do to start your cleaning. Use your vacuum cleaner and use it to suck the dust out of the blinds and the areas around them. This will help keep the loose dust from being disturbed and from settling on everything in the room. The vacuum can help limit the areas that you need to clean in the room. Dusting the blinds when the dust is already thick will not help.Removing the BlindsTake the blinds out from the frames to clean them well. In doing so, you have to cover your nose and mouth with cloth so that you will not inhale any of the dust.

 This can protect your from sneezing and coughing. The task of removing the blinds is quiet easy. You just need to unhook them and take out the screws that are holding the blinds together. Make sure that you do it with caution so that you will not damage the blinds.Washing the BlindsThe blinds need to be washed every three to six weeks. If you have not washed them in a long time, the blinds have likely accumulated a thick layer of dust and grime. There are two methods in effectively washing the blinds. You can clean them in the bathtub or do it outdoors while hanging them in the clothesline and hosing them down.Bathtub:1. Put lukewarm water with bathtub and add it with a mild washing detergent. You can also add a mixture of equal parts of baking soda and ammonia. You can also use window-cleaning solutions.

Put the blinds into the water and make sure that they are completely submerged in the water.3. Soak the blinds for 20 to 30 minutes to completely remove dirt and spots from the blinds.4. Use a rag cloth to wipe on the entire lengths of the blinds. Do this for both sides.5. Drain the water from the bathtub and fill it up with clean water once more. Rinse the blinds thoroughly.6. Remove the blinds out of the tub and hang them to dry from a clothesline or a hook.7. If you see the blinds with a bit of dirt, wipe them with sponge.8. Dry them well.Outdoors:1. Hang the blinds using a clip on a clothesline.2. Hose them down to remove the dirt.3. Wipe them with a sponge dipped in water with a mixture of water and liquid soap.4. Clean both sides.5. Hose them again to remove soap residue.6. Let them dry in the sun.

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