Conventional swimming pools offer refreshment

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Conventional swimming pools offer refreshment as well as fun with every swim, however balancing and maintaining the pool water can be as handful as this should be done frequently and on a regular basis. The constant adding up of chemicals on the water of your swimming pool is not only harmful to your health, but it can also be taxing when done in the long run.Switching to saltwater swimming pool is a good idea if you are tired of your old pool water system as battling in keeping the chlorine balanced in your pool can be stressful to many pool owners. 

Not to mention the caustic smell and the burning eye sensation due to the constant exposure to this chemical product.Saltwater pools are new innovations to the conventional pools. They are popular in Australia but rather new in the US although they are slowly gaining popularity because of many great reasons and advantages as well. These types of pools use the process of saltwater chlorination as an alternative for the constant use of chemicals on the pool water in order to keep it healthy and free of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Here are some of the things you'll need in your swimming pool when shifting from chlorinated pool to saltwater pool:1. Chlorine Generator - this pool equipment is used in order to cut the total amount of chlorine consumed on a swimming pool. It is a new support tool used on saltwater pools in order to work on the process of saltwater chlorination by breaking down the salt through the process of electrolysis which in return produces two important RO water dispenser sanitizing agents that are vital in disinfecting pool waters especially when the use of chemicals such as chlorine is maintained at a minimal level.

 Cutting Tools for Plumbing Works - essential tools needed when switching from chlorinated pool lines to saltwater lines. There are many various tools needed to open pool lines and cut those that are not necessary for the new pool water system.3. Pool Generator Control Panel 

This is where the operation is done with these pool types. Most saltwater pools are operated on a 12 hours basis or when needed in order to maintain its natural disinfection and self cleaning capabilities.After you have located the pool lines in your pool room that are connected in the pool pump, make sure that you close all the lines and secure the location for the chlorine generator which is usually situated in the out-feed line. The chlorine generator is installed in this location where the line goes back to the pool which is coming from the pool pump.

 When everything is set and all lines are properly closed, you can now cut the lines and install the generator as well as set up the wiring to the control panel and your new pool water system is ready to go for a test run. But before doing so, make sure that you have emptied the pool water and replaced it with clean water before pouring the proper scale of salt on the water. Turn on the chlorine generator on the control panel and enjoy your new saltwater swimming pool.

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