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Broken Hourglass
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Broken Hourglass Productions announces new album


Los Angeles, CA – Is the name of Broken Hourglass Productions’ new single also a prophecy about how long these artists’ names will stick around? Maybe. The tune is called "Forever" and it hails from the forthcoming album, "Broken Hourglass."

"Forever" smacks listener attention with its feisty twist on the R&B/hip-hop genre. Rap and rock are hardly new friends but they’ve never shaken hands quite this way. Even just considering the hip-hop genre in its own right, the folks at Broken Hourglass Productions – Mr. Powers, Mr. Genesis and Mr. Show – excel at keeping things stirred up with smart melodies, wow-making thumps brought to beat life by flavorful production and vocal skills that show up the bulk of this group’s underground competition. Hooks come hot and heavy with snappy grooves, studio prowess and lyrical flow that doesn’t slow.

Deflecting accusations of negativity and destructive messages, Broken Hourglass Productions takes its music for a positive spin in an anthem about love and life forever, kept vital through the energies of music. People may pass on but names and CDs can be – if not immortal, then pretty damn long-lived.

The song amply demonstrates the unique flair Broken Hourglass Productions brings to the hip-hop universe. In this case, the pizzazz takes the form of luscious female vocals intermingling with rap, guitar licks and bona fide, in-the-studio drumming. "Forever" has a helluva punchy hook and got nabbed for radio play on 97.9 The Beat. In addition, the song earned Broken Hourglass Productions a number four spot versus more than a 100 competitors on

Another sampling of this group’s style manifests on the song "Spanish Girl," which fuses the hip-hop roots with acoustic guitar and a piano melody. And amongst all the fun, the trio reveals a truly serious side via the tune "Rest In Peace," which resonates with red-white-and-blue pride and honors the fallen of 9/11.

Brian Powers and company run this Texas-based studio where hip-hop beats and rock vibes are cooked up in a savory sensation that brings the two together. But beyond relying on mere novelty (for the rap-n-roll thing is no spring chicken), Broken Hourglass Studios keep the pot boiling with a flavorful pull-together of voice power, word might, production smarts, live percussion and computer savvy.

This tower trio of the underground came to be when Mr. Powers went seeking talent and through the wonders of online communication turned up treasure in the form of Mr. Genesis and Mr. Show. The fruits of this love and labor is the forthcoming album of hip-hop laced with rock guitar and melodic sensibilities named after the collective of musicians who spawned it.

Broken Hourglass Productions is currently working with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. More information is available by visiting and



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