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Suspension assembled sports flooring mainly uses environmentally friendly material polypropylene (PP), non-toxic, odorless, non-parasitic bacteria, green and environmentally friendly. PP material is a food-grade material, safe and hygienic. Polypropylene (PP), a raw material used for suspended assembled flooring, is a high-strength material. It is made of modified polypropylene with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and cold resistance, which makes the product with pressure, impact, high and low temperature and service life. Long advantages. The unique patented design of the prefabricated interlocking running track (bottom 676/898 with support column support, arched drain groove, edge with male snap button) for vertical shock absorption and energy return, lateral cushioning, anti-skid, anti-sport damage Effectively protect the sports safety of athletes. The latest wear-resistant layer design of the suspended assembled floor makes the soles tightly close to the ground, non-slip and can transmit strong sports power as desired. The surface layer of the floor is specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and reflects glare. It can better protect the athlete's eyes and is not prone to fatigue. Low heat reflection, no sweat absorption, no moisture, no scent. Suspended assembled flooring is currently the most cost-effective among similar products. It uses less investment (basically no need to re-do the basics), low maintenance cost, high grade, quick effect (can be used when the paving line is completed), and is a variety of sports venues. The best choice for laying. Initial construction cost + zero maintenance fee (just rinse with water, no negative effect.), the service life is up to 10 years, no fading and no deformation. The floor marking paint uses a special acrylic layer paint and does not fall off. 7 technical features of PVC plastic sports flooring 1, the ball back elasticity: The ball resilience test is to drop the basketball from the height of 6.6 feet onto the procurement futsal court and test the rebound height of the basketball. This data is expressed as a percentage, with the height of the rebound of basketball on the concrete floor as a comparison standard, reflecting the rebound height difference. The rules of the indoor ball sports competition require that the sporting competition or training on the ground, such as the kicking action of the ball sports such as basketball and the rebound of the ball, requires that the rebound coefficient of the ball on the ground of the playing field should be greater than or equal to 90%. 2, comfort: The surface of the professional PVC plastic sports floor can be deformed moderately when impacted. It is like a sealed mattress with air inside. When you wrestle or slip, the cushioning effect provided by the closed foam back layer technology can maximize the cushioning effect. Reduce sports injuries. 3, tremor: Tremor is the range in which the floor is deformed by impact. The larger the range of tremor, the more likely it is to cause a fracture. There are two types of tremor: point tremor and regional tremor.   4, energy return: This refers to the energy of the PVC plastic sports floor returned during the athlete's exercise to improve exercise performance. 5, rolling load: The load-bearing load and firmness of professional sports flooring must meet the requirements of competition and training. If the active basketball hoop and related sports facilities move on the floor, the surface layer and structure of the floor should not be damaged. This is the German DIN standard. The rolling load criteria and concepts described. 6, vibration absorption: The impulse formed by people during exercise will produce vibration on the surface of PVC plastic sports floor. The structure of the floor must have the function of shock absorption, that is, the floor should have the ability to absorb impact energy. The athletes are exposed on the purchase prefabricated interlocking running track. The impact force is much smaller than on a hard ground, such as on a concrete floor. That is: when the athlete jumps back to the floor, at least 53% of the impact is absorbed by the floor, thus protecting the athlete's ankle, meniscus, spinal cord and brain, so that people are not affected during exercise. hurt. Its protection function also considers that a person can not affect neighbors when exercising on a PVC plastic sports floor. This is also the concept of shock absorption, vibration deformation and extension deformation described in the German DIN standard. 7, friction coefficient: Studies have shown that 12% of basketball players are injured in the process of turning in place. The coefficient of friction of the sports floor indicates whether the floor is too frictional (which reduces the flexibility of rotation) or is too slippery (which increases the risk of slipping). The coefficient of friction should be between 0.4 and 0.7, taking into account the athlete's mobility and safety. The friction coefficient of PVC plastic sports floor is generally maintained between this coefficient, with sufficient and moderate friction force to ensure the stability of motion, and at the same time maintain the consistency and regularity of friction performance in each moving direction to ensure Flexible movement and in-situ rotation are not hindered.

The suspended assembled floor is now beautiful, and each one says it's good, but it's as legendary as heavier? The softer the better? The price of the same manufacturer and manufacturer of different specifications and models is very different. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish the quality of the products according to the following "seeking and asking" methods, just like you have a pair of eyes! The following SC-ZSfloor will share with you the method of identifying the quality of customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles in the identification: First: Look. The floor is evenly filled, no small holes, no cracking, peeling, foaming, delamination, uneven thickness of the foot on the back of the floor, and the ribs are well-proportioned. Look at the color, the color of the original material is crystal clear, more vivid, and the brightness is better. The color of the product added with recycled materials is dull and dull. Second: smell. There is an unpleasant smell of products consumed with low-quality and low-cost recycled materials. Such products seriously affect the service life and have poor weather resistance. The detachable futsal sport floor tiles produced by SC-ZSfloor is 100% pure raw material processed without any odor and no volatilization. , to ensure quality, provide after-sales warranty. Third: heavy. The main material of SC-ZSfloor suspension assembled sports floor is mainly modified PP, but there are many unscrupulous traders on the market. In order to reduce the cost, participate in talc (talc powder) or Caco3 (calcium carbonate) in PP material. These materials are not integrated into the molecular chain of PP, so they will greatly affect the service life of the product and will greatly reduce the sports performance of the suspended floor. Fourth: touch. Good products have both flexibility and hardness. The soft products have flexibility. But they can't meet the ball's rebound rate. They don't have the function of sports field. The hard products can satisfy the rebound rate of the ball. No flexibility, especially brittle, easy to fold, especially in the winter when the temperature is cold, the product is easy to crack, affecting the service life, and other inferior products can be directly collapsed. Fifth: Ping. Put two pieces of the same type of suspension assembling sports assembling floor together, and touch the joint surface of the floor with your hand. Assume that there is no obvious unevenness, this product is a good product. Choose the floating assembled floor, in the quality of the identification of detachable indoor sport surface, good or bad, according to the above "look, smell, heavy, touch, flat" approach, I can only say; "so easy!" SC-ZSfloor from raw materials The modified treatments selected from PP are completed independently, and the quality of the products is guaranteed from the source, so that the products are resistant to aging, thermal expansion and contraction, UV resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and products are added under the strength of the product. The toughness guarantees the length of use of the product.

Suspended plastic assembled flooring not only has a variety of surface textures, but also has a wide range of colors and specifications. There are also a variety of floor thicknesses, such as 1.22 cm, 1.3 cm, 1.32 cm, 1.48 cm, 1.58 cm, 1.65 cm, 1.68 cm, 1.7 cm, 1.95 cm or even thicker or thinner. The thickness of the prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court is varied. Then, when we choose, how should we choose? I believe that many people are entangled in this problem. The following SC-ZSfloor sports ground material is used to analyze whether we choose the suspension assembly floor or the thinner. Thick and good: The suspended floor adopts the suspension support structure design and the snap connection technology. The advantage is that the drainage effect is better, the construction is easy to install and maintain, and the service life is more than ten years. Compared with other traditional ground materials, it has very obvious advantage. The suspended floor does not accumulate water after rain, is not bound by the environment, and withstands pressure; the following are the four aspects of thick and thin contrast of SC-ZSfloor finishing: First, the thick suspension plastic floor is more effective than the thin suspension assembly floor drainage, and it is better for some dust sludge flushing. Second, the prefabricated futsal court has a more significant effect on the shock absorption than the thin suspended floor, which is more effective in protecting the safety of children and athletes. Third, the thick suspension assembly floor load bearing pressure performance is also very good, usually on the floor occasionally passing the car or temporarily docking the family car is no problem, but the thin suspended floor is much worse in this respect. Fourth, the thick suspended plastic floor material is sufficient, and it is thick in the hand, and the rebound rate of the ball is better than that of the thin floor, which can reach 95%-98%. Other aspects of athletic performance indicators are also better than thin. Thin suspension plastic flooring is mostly used in kindergartens, parks, and some outdoor leisure centers. It only needs to use the basic functions of the floor: such as anti-skid, water filtration, beautiful, and outdoor space where the cost is relatively high. Thick suspension assembling floors are mostly used in indoor and outdoor sports venues, such as golf courses, gymnasiums, sports centers and other professional venues. At the same time, the sports performance requirements of the flooring are relatively high, such as ball rebound rate, shock absorption, pressure resistance and other professional Stadium parameters. Therefore, when choosing a suspended floor, we must determine the thinness and thickness of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court according to the type or actual situation of the site. Choose a suspension floor that suits you. Ok. Seeing this, I believe many small partners have a new understanding and understanding of the thickness of the suspended floor. SC-ZSfloor hopes that everyone can provide a little help in the selection and purchase of suspended floors. Welcome to pay attention to and collect us. The latest news is instantly shared with everyone.

The application of suspended assembled flooring in kindergartens, school playgrounds, indoor and outdoor sports venues and other occasions is becoming more and more common. However, many of the suspended floor products produced are prone to quality problems such as warpage, low temperature and brittleness. Today, SC-ZSfloor prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court materials will analyze the causes and solutions for this situation. First let's take a look at the features of the assembled sports floor: 1. Suspended floor is a kind of soft plastic floor that can be laid directly on the hard ground, which reduces the rigidity of contact with the ground surface and can reduce the damage caused by accidental fall during exercise; 2, the prefabricated futsal court can be paved with a variety of different colors, and can also design complex graphics and patterns, compared to other types of floors of a single color, enhance the visual aesthetic of the venue; 3. Compared with conventional PVC sports flooring and PU rubber track materials, the suspended assembled floor is safer and more environmentally friendly due to the use of environmentally friendly PP materials without adding any toxic additives and other ingredients. 4. Each floor has an elastic card structure design, which can be easily paved and disassembled. However, many manufacturers of suspended assembly flooring often encounter the low temperature of the assembled floor when it is processed and produced, and it is easy to become warp after being molded for a period of time. What is the reason for this? SC-ZSfloor manufacturers have obtained the following reasons based on their own years of production and processing experience: The suspended assembled floor is made of PP polypropylene, which has a low embrittlement temperature. Generally, at a temperature of minus 10 ° C, the brittleness is large, which causes the floor to be brittle and cracked at low temperatures. PP polypropylene is a crystalline plastic, and warpage is a common defect. The shrinkage is evident during molding. For products with a thinner size and a larger aspect ratio, the shrinkage warpage is more pronounced. How should we improve the low temperature deformation and warpage of the assembled floor? You can start to solve the problem from the following two points: First, from the production and processing of the material formula ratio 1. Add special toughening agent, cold resistance agent, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet and other additives to improve the low temperature brittleness of PP material; 2. Reducing the crystallinity of the PP polypropylene substrate compounding system; 3. Maintain the fluidity after mixing PP and polypropylene, and mix well. Second, mold production molding processing 1. A relatively high mold temperature is reached during processing and production; 2. Properly extend the pressure holding time after injection molding; After the composite modification of the PP polypropylene material for the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court, the hardness can be adjusted in the range of 70A~60D. The soft PP composite modified material actually belongs to the category of thermoplastic elastomer TPE.

The characteristics of PVC plastic floor wear-resistant, cheap and good quality have gradually been known by the market, but compared with foreign hospitals, the proportion of detachable futsal sport floor tiles in domestic hospitals is not high. Only by deeply understanding the performance of PVC plastic flooring can we know how to use the materials and truly improve the quality of the medical environment. Today we will briefly introduce the advantages of PVC plastic flooring in the medical industry. 1. Safety protection: PVC plastic floor injection and passivation process, so that the surface of the product has no pores, so that the dirt can not penetrate into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent microbial growth on and off the floor. The PVC plastic floor adopts a multi-layer structure, which ensures the safety of walking by using a reasonable friction coefficient and clever dispersion of walking pressure and shock absorption performance. The wear-resistant layer structure design of the top layer of medical PVC plastic floor highlights the advantages of the multi-layer structure, and contains a glass fiber reinforcement layer to ensure the dimensional stability and stability, and to ensure that the floor is not deformed or damaged. At the same time, the elastic cushioning of the foam layer structure can avoid the abrasion caused by the patient falling. Good practicability and high cost performance, especially suitable for large areas of application in halls and corridors. 2. Visual treatment: The floor is an important part of building a hospital environment. The PVC elastic floor is rich in color, and the design of particles, spots or patterns makes the color matching layer clear. For example, in the children's ward, the clever color matching of PVC plastic floor virtually eliminates children's resistance to the hospital and plays a role of "visual treatment". Classical ceramic color, elegant wooden patterns, natural-toned granite and many other colors and graphic floors are the first choice. The rounded edge design can be used on the edge of the ground, in the corners, and on the rounded floor, with unlimited space. At the same time, detachable indoor sport surface can choose coil material and elastic block for easy laying according to different needs. Different thickness and excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance can be directly used on old-fashioned ground surface layers such as stone, ceramics and wood. The best choice for construction. 3, construction professional: construction quality often determines the level of maintenance and maintenance costs in the later use. The professional construction team will test the floor before construction. After the inspection is passed, the ground can be ground and vacuumed before construction. The construction without professional training often neglects these construction details, which makes the floor prone to curling and unevenness in the future, which seriously affects the service life of the floor. Therefore, after selecting the materials, you should find a professional PVC plastic floor paving construction team to complete the laying of the floor. It can be put into use after 24 hours of completion. 4, convenient maintenance: PVC plastic flooring different quality products in the actual application will reflect the obvious difference. Taking wear resistance as an example, excellent wear quality can reduce daily maintenance frequency such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce maintenance costs during the cycle. The polyurethane topcoat adhered to the surface of PVC plastic floor has waterproofness, chemical corrosion resistance and dimensional stability. It is covered with a transparent PVC with extremely strong wear resistance, which greatly simplifies the cumbersome maintenance steps in the use cycle, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers. It is very suitable for the use of large-flow areas such as hospitals. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers should not only pay attention to the immediate investment, but also have to “see the front” to maintain their expenses. Sc-zsfloor is a professional manufacturer of detachable outdoor sport court tiles, the quality of which is worthy of your trust. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel with rich practical construction, and can provide high-level services. We will provide customers with the best solutions with excellent quality, spiritual design, perfect management and perfect service. We have left a deep impression on many customers with sincerity, dedication and diligence. Sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, we sincerely hope to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory and thoughtful service.

I still remember the dusty playground in our childhood memories. I am still willing to follow the sports teacher to run and play on the playground. This is a memory of youth. The indoor tennis court interlocking mat manufacturers found that the children now feel happy. Whether in kindergarten or children's and children's places, all are kindergarten suspended floors, children in this dreamy place to learn to play, life is certainly happy. Suspended assembled floor is a new type of outdoor sports floor material. Its main raw materials are processed by non-toxic, harmless and odorless high-strength modified polypropylene PP material, which is waterproof, moisture-resistant, high-low temperature and long service life. The floor itself has a certain degree of flexibility and toughness, which can reduce the damage caused by accidental falls. The interlock commercial basketball court surface is rich in color, and can be selected from more than ten colors, which can be selected by the user. The sports venue can make the athletes full of sports desires; the paving in the kindergarten can make the children happy and play. Common colors are Ever Green, Spring Green, Olive Green, Red, Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue. (Light Blue), Sky Blue, Ice Blue, Gray, Dark Blue. Of course, it is also possible to design and enrich the style according to the overall environment of the venue. It is possible to design different colorful patterns to increase the fun, so that the usability of the venue is greatly improved, and a unique outdoor interactive activity space is created. The suspended assembled floor is made by precision mold injection molding. The single piece has high dimensional accuracy and good interchangeability. After paving, each floor has high precision. At the same time, due to the different lattice structure, there is no visual appearance. The sense of dizziness, looking at it, the overall coordination and beauty, both practical and landscape effects, so now more and more kindergartens, basketball courts, badminton courts, stadiums floor new construction or renovation, have begun to use suspended floor as a ground material. The outdoor sports place uses the most critical safety of the ground material, and the suspended non-full-touch hollow structure can not play the water while preventing the floor from slipping. The reasonable design can make the space feel the maximum extension, and the construction is simple. It can be dismantled at will, and the usage time can reach more than ten years. Suspension-assembled flooring is widely used in various outdoor sports venues because of its environmental protection, easy maintenance, flexibility, flexibility, and fun. It can also design various patterns according to customers' needs, and the whole stadium is designed like a fairy tale. In the same way, the color is beautiful and changeable. The design of the interlock double tier sport flooring is more humane. Not only the color is bright, but also can effectively protect our ankles from harm during use. The children can feel the way of floating in the kindergarten. Crawling. Suspended floors are not only used in kindergartens and children's playgrounds, but many of them are now used in the home, and we can lay them out where children can reach them. That is good-looking and practical, why not.

Misunderstanding 1: Floor manufacturers advocate that they are factory direct sales Bad phenomenon: In order to gain consumer trust, the merchant claims to be a factory direct sales, and the floor price is the ex-factory price. Countermeasures: For consumers, it is difficult to judge whether it is factory direct sales. At present, most of the floors are sold by dealers, even if they are directly operated by the factory, they are not necessarily ex-factory prices. Because manufacturers protect the interests of dealers, they will not all be ex-factory prices. This requires consumers to have an investigation and make a judgment. In general, the ex-factory price may be there, but not every day. Myth 2: The more expensive the interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring brand, the better. Bad phenomenon: In recent years, no matter whether it is the food industry or the household industry, there are more or less the phenomenon of substandard quality and price confusion. A considerable number of consumers regard price as the primary condition for choosing the floor, and even think that "the floor is cheap and not good", blindly pursuing the high-end expensive floor. Response measures: Some merchants sell “cottage” floors for profiteering, and use high-quality floors with high formaldehyde and anti-skid effects to mark high-priced floors, so consumers should not only look at the price when purchasing the floor, but also Pay attention to the quality of the floor, it is best to do your homework beforehand, and then make a decision. Misunderstanding 3: Excessive selection of floor color Bad phenomenon: Many consumers like to choose the floor with the intuitive color, just like to buy clothes, too much emphasis on the color of the floor to meet their own aesthetic standards. Response: The essence of the selection of the floor is not to choose the color, but to see if it is practical. The characteristics of the floor, including chromatic aberration, crusting, dry shrinkage and swelling, etc., have excellent characteristics. Especially the solid wood flooring is a natural product, and its color is naturally formed. If the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring color is excessively emphasized, it is likely to be the same as the interior decoration. Lost the original intention of nature and originality. Myth 4: The baseboard of the floor is not important Bad phenomenon: When most consumers buy the floor, the attention is completely placed on the floor itself, ignoring the role of the baseboard, which has buried a lot of hidden dangers for the quality of the floor. Response measures: The role of the skirting line should not be underestimated. Nowadays, regular brands basically implement kick-off charges, and separating them from products can not only reduce costs, but also give consumers more choices. Free gift is a common practice for small brands and some miscellaneous brands. They have already included the price of the accessories, and they are basically low-priced accessories in order to gain greater benefits, so consumers should not be cheap and keep their eyes open. Carefully identify. Misunderstanding 5: Summer installation and construction problems are prone to problems Bad phenomenon: I believe that consumers who have such an idea account for the vast majority, and the perception of problems in summer construction is one-sided. Countermeasures: The summer temperature is high, the water is more volatile, these conditions are conducive to construction, sc-zsfloor sports flooring manufacturers, as long as the treatment is safe, reasonable and efficient construction, in accordance with the normal construction process, construction procedures to do each Work can also make satisfactory projects. Misunderstanding 6: Do not pay attention to the choice of glue when purchasing laminate flooring Bad phenomenon: The composite floor often has deformation and cracks. The big reason is the quality of the selected glue. The glue that does not have the environmental protection function can easily cause the indoor formaldehyde content to exceed the standard. Countermeasures: When selecting the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking, it is necessary to use more than half an hour to carefully select the glue. Sales personnel sometimes sell the glue produced by the floor brand manufacturer to the consumer, which is also a good choice. Misunderstanding 7: After installing the floor, the installation is a PVC plastic floor manufacturer. Bad phenomenon: There is a saying in the flooring industry “three-point floor, seven-point installation”. It can be seen that the installation process of the floor is very important. However, most of the consumers now ignore this link. They think that the choice of the floor is complete, and their responsibility is completed. I don’t know if the installation is good or bad. According to relevant statistics, 90% of floor complaints are caused by improper paving. It can be seen that the quality of the flooring products is good, and if the service is not appropriate, it still has a great impact on the brand credibility. Countermeasures: When you choose the floor you want, you must communicate with the floor manufacturer in time to understand their installation plan, and feedback the factors such as water, electricity, steam, wood and paint to the merchant, sc-zsfloor Sports floor manufacturers can only be installed with confidence.

Suspension sports assembled flooring has been popular in the 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring market for decades due to its unique suspension structure design, comfortable sports touch, and high cost performance. It is recognized by more and more consumers. However, while this kind of sports flooring produced from PP polypropylene raw materials is widely used, there are a small number of consumers who are still trapped in the blind zone of misunderstanding of suspended assembly floor, which even affects the maximum performance of its performance. The consumer sports life in the misunderstanding also brings a lot of inconvenience! Today sc-zsfloor sports ground material for you to correct three misunderstandings of many people on the suspended floor! Misunderstanding 1: Flame retardant is not burning We know that suspended commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring is generally flame retardant. However, some users use the lighter to point the PP floor directly for the so-called "verify the floor is good or bad", to see if it can be burned, it is not fireproof, it does not burn. It is flame retardant. In fact, the national requirements for the fire level of PP floor to meet the B1 level, according to the national standard non-combustible materials designated as fire A grade, such as stone, tile and so on. The technology of the B1 flame retardant standard contains a cotton ball with a diameter of 10mm. The alcohol is placed on the PP floor and burned naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, the diameter of the burnt PP floor mark is measured, such as less than 50mm. Is the B1 flame retardant standard. Instead of watching it burn, you can't burn it. 2, misunderstanding 2: wear-resistant is to use the sharps will not scratch Some users ask about the service life and wear resistance of the suspended sports floor, and take out sharp tools such as knives or keys, and scratch the surface of the floor. If there are scratches, it is considered not to be wear-resistant. In fact, the country's PP floor wear resistance test is not simply using a sharp tool on the surface. It is a flat-bottomed sanding disc. The test floor is sanded under the condition of 1Kg of pressure. After the rotation and grinding, the floor surface is wear-resistant. The layer is worn to expose the number of revolutions of the substrate. The number of revolutions of this node is an indicator of the wear resistance of the suspended floor. For example, the number of composite floor turns is 1500 rpm. Therefore, the wear resistance of the suspended floor is determined by the national testing agency. 3, Misunderstanding 3: smelling with the nose is not environmentally friendly More specifically, it should be that a suspended floor with a strong pungent odor is not environmentally friendly. The material used in the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is free of formaldehyde. It is also not allowed to use or add formaldehyde in the production process. The qualified suspended plastic floor should be 100% formaldehyde free, and there may be fragrances and additives. The smell will not cause harm to people's bodies, nor will it make people feel uncomfortable. At present, some companies or manufacturers of sports flooring are produced by glue bonding. Because the glue contains formaldehyde, such a floor has a pungent smell, which will affect people's health. Therefore, it is also important to choose high quality qualified glue.