Category: 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc,6 inch es cutting disc

In the grinding process, the wear state of the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc is an important factor affecting the quality of the grinding. The CNC tool grinder can monitor the state of the grinding wheel in real time during the entire process of blade grinding. Depending on the size and material of the machine insert, the volume required for grinding and the grinding time will vary. Consider the various factors and set the interval for automatic trimming. Count the number of times the grinding wheel is ground and compare it to the trimming interval set by the system in real time. When the number of grinding times reaches the set number of dressing intervals, the dressing module is automatically called in the NC program to realize automatic dressing of the grinding wheel. In order to ensure the safe operation of the machine tool, the control method also adds real-time monitoring of the life of the 6 inch es cutting disc and the life of the dressing wheel. As long as it is detected that this dressing will cause the grinding wheel or dressing wheel to reach the warning thickness, the machine will automatically send out an alarm signal and stop waiting for manual processing. If the grinding wheel and the dressing wheel do not reach the alarm thickness, the trimming proceeds smoothly. After the trimming is completed, the compensation value after the dressing of the grinding wheel is output through data processing.