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Feeling so depressed and confused

By ceilingpanel, 2019-10-15

Are you trapped in a dimly lighted endless tunnel with no windows and no sight of an exit? There is nobody around but yourself. Sinking deep into depression and there seem to be no hope to get out of where you are. Every second feels like days. Feeling so depressed and confused. You simply refuse to move anymore.

Sorry if I painted a endless time of depression. How do we get out of this mess? There are two ways. One is you suffer until you cannot take it anymore and decided that this cannot stay this way and you start to find an exit out of this horrid place. Another is, start getting out of it immediately.

When we sink into such deep depression. We would like to stay where we are and not do anything.  It is a process we have to go through, we need time to be depress. After all, it must ceiling panel light be a tragic event that has happen that led us to this state. It is fine to stay depress but do not take long.

Give yourself a time to grieve. When the time is up, find the courage to move forward. We have to. It is a must to move on. Life is not just about ourselves, we live a life for others, for the dead and for the present. We cannot be selfish.

It is inevitable we all have our own setbacks to slam you to the ground. As much as we would like to avoid setbacks, we can only minimise the damage to ourselves by planning thoroughly and not to do anything stupid. Whats inevitable remains as uncontrollable like death and accidents.

Each setback is made for you to learn from, so that you can grow from it. It is for you to be a contributor for the people around you.  Your learning lessons in life can and may be a reminder or inspiration for another who needs it.  Every day is a lesson to learn from. It is more of how you draw it out as a lesson to learn from.

Remember that when we are at our lowest point of our life, we always have a powerful secret weapon with us. This secret weapon is always within us. It is the CHOICE to move on. Even if you are in the endless tunnel of no hope, as long as you made a choice to get out of this place. You will look for an exit. This exit could be just around the bend for you.

Search for the light at the end of the tunnel. Have faith and courage to overcome any obstacle in your way. You can do it! There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

What is Stopping You Now?

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