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Carly Smith began her creative and musical career at the age of three playing piano in her home. Somewhat of an artist even at that young age, she began to both play other peoples' songs and compose her own simple melodies.

Her musical career continued throughout middle school where she was first chair clarinet all three years. In high school she began a lifelong love of poetry and the spoken word.

A poet as well as a musician and producer, she has written for the local column "Generation Y", featuring local commentary and editorials with the Amarillo Globe News. Carly was also featured in a photo shoot detailing what the 'Goth' style represents.

Her first album, "First Efforts" is a free-form original CD showcasing her exceptional voice, music and spoken word. This album offers a strong pop sensibility blended with atmospheric and electronica and is self-produced and performed by Carly. With the stand-out tracks "Crescent Moon and "Dark Purple", this album showcases the talent, range and reach of this young artist.

Her latest album, Second Chance, shows the artist evolving into a more ambient sound interlaced with spoken word. Also produced and performed entirely by Carly, the standout tracks "Truth Be Told" and "The Desert Sky" indicate the promising future of this artist.

Her new album currently in the works, "3", shifts the focus mostly to her vocal and songwriting abilities. Her new song, "Run", perfectly demonstrates the direction and style she intends to forge in albums ahead.


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By: Carly Smith
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A fusion of ambient, dark, and spoken word.

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