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I am a Haitian Muslim born in a place we call real city raised on the thorough streets of Montreal-north, an area highly known for gang violence and heavy drug trafficking.Being brought up in this wild environment helped me quickly understand that this world we live in revolves around one sole means, MONEY.I became a young "hustler" left with no other alternative than to do what I did.Down this "criminal" path, I've seen more money than I would've ever imagined.When everything in my life seemed to have been falling back into place I was encountered with an inevitable consequence for my actions, INCARCERATION.Upon my release I decided I would never see the inside of those walls again but having lost it "All" I returned to my old habits.I luckily slipped through the judicial system and decided that would be the "turn-around" point of my life so I hit the streets with my GOD-given talent, RAPPIN'.Don't get it twisted, I've been spittin' for years Im only now lettin' y'all get a taste for the moment, ya dig.I only now realised this game can be more lucratif than my previous endeavors if I did the math and played my cards right. One thing I did keep with me throughout the trials and tribulations I've encountered is that the world does spin around MONEY.With that being said, as the founder and C.E.O of the Red Blockz Cartel Im signin off!!!Its Time 2 Put This City On The Map so LETS GET IT!!!!!!!



Livin The Good Life

Livin The Good Life

album: The Chaos Theory

genre: Hip-Hop

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11/29/08 11:27:37AM @joker70:
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