The output in Blade & Soul is generally achieved by operation, speed, and equipment. In Blade & Soul, the pharmacy can also play a heavy lifting role.

This time we talk about how to use props.

Can drugs also increase strength?

What is this prop?

How is this prop used?

When everyone brushes a copy, the understanding of peony may be:

Isn't it just a drug? If I lose blood, I will lick it;

Learn to be a local tyrant to storm and save money.

Is there still secret or technology?

I originally thought so, but I had an in-depth exchange with Daxie;

They have the same habit or commonality in brushing copies.

This habit makes them output such as the Tigers, making them more immersive.

Careful readers must have found that two of them are immune to BOSS control skills, small series in the station pile; no need to walk; no need to use resistance skills.

Blade & Soul hasn't found it for three years, and time is playing on the cat;

I have never faced the anti-drugs before, and I have such a powerful effect on the resistance drugs that I lost after I lost the warehouse!

Then Xiaobian silently smashed thousands of resistance drugs to the Holy Land to combat:

Discover the inner and outer circle of the Holy Land:

The farmer of the Holy Land, a stone man, has three punches (weakness also takes the fly):

The second full screen vertigo:

Don't have to walk, don't lose output! Let Xiaobian feel very comfortable! And the ease of liberating your hands!

This greatly reduces the amount of operation and provides a stable and safe environment for the limit output.

such as:

Qigong summons the swordsman t to the inner and outer circle of the holy earth. The resistance medicine is definitely the best solution;

There are also various copies


Mechanical sacred

Dragon Tekken's Weak Boxing

Black Dragon Secret Hall:

A large number of sacred snakes knocked down the floating

Demon Alan's turn three times

And the demon gods are all kinds of flying weak

Stove Wu Qian infinite jump · Zhu evil infinite knockdown

Candle King's counter

The black wind witch's various full-screen floating knockdowns.

Peony drug resistance is a pre-judgment of the next skill. If you don't want to hide or are not convenient to hide, these skills are generally low-intensity control.

For example, summoning the inner and outer circles of the hiding place: I am using BOSS, how do you hide? go out? Or walk in and then go out?

Be aware that the frequency is not as fast as when moving, and it will be output when moving.

With it equals an invincible skill with a CD of 15 seconds for 3 seconds.

Those remote occupations such as summoning Qigong have no QE invincible skills and less CDs;

The use of resistant secret medicine as an auxiliary invincible skill is extremely effective.

Resistance to secret medicine origin:

The game assistant signs 5 times a day;

Ju Ling Ge has a high probability of 2-5;

The random package of the mall is randomly produced;

Various events are given.

The more you eat the medicine, the more you don't have to worry about eating it someday.

I set the peony button to the position on the capslobk key (to the left of the A key).

Some people may say that there is no such habit, you can change it without this habit!

This is a magical agent that can maximize your output and simplify your operation.

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Many of the tasks in Far Cry 5 require the player to trigger certain conditions, but we don't know what the triggering node is, so I will bring you Far Cry 5 event nodes and easy task analysis.

This game, very annoying one thing is to worry about missing the task, so I opened a file for testing, do not do any tasks before liberation (unless forced), only by saving civilians. Killing VIP and other means to accumulate resistance points, record Force the triggered task on each node until the zone is liberated and then clean up the task to see how much will be missed.

First declare the test environment

Platform: PC

Version: 1.09

During the version upgrade process, it seems that the watch has been adjusted for some tasks. For example, the task of destroying 14 silos in the Dutch Valley “completely blown up”. It was possible to play one by one after liberation, but recently opened several times. It’s all the moments of the liberation of the Dutch Valley, and it’s a second, so the follow-up version may have some tasks that are inconsistent with the results of this test.

In addition, because the archive confirmation node is often rolled back, this archive is mostly done with Uplay offline.

Dutch Valley

1900 warning 1

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Valley Armed Forces Team" is open (can be completed at any time. The same below)

3400 arrest 1. Forcibly enter the main line task "purification"

4750 main line task "Autumn Town" scrapped

6100 Warning 2

7000 Resistance Level 2

8200 arrested 2. Forcibly entered the main line task "repentance"

10600 Warning 3

13000 Rebellion Level 3. Catch 3. Forcibly enter the main line mission "Atonement"; Main line mission "Attack fuel fleet", "Revelator", "Bird and Beast" Retire

I always thought that after being arrested and entering the “purification”, “Qiuwei Town” would be reimbursed. After the “purification” was completed, I saw that the task was still there. I was forced to do it on the spot, and I went to the end of the autumn to see the cult. The cult is still fighting. Grab. Mary Sister and Pastor Jay are still kneeling.

Until the number of points 4750. The voice of Mary's sister came from the intercom.

Another accident was that the "attack fuel fleet" could not be activated. After completing the "widow making machine", Mary Sister would introduce the task in the intercom, but could not play the task prompt. It could not be activated. The task list was not updated, it may be Another small bug, and because this task is scrapped. The subsequent "revelers" are also finished.


 Sensitive missions in the Dutch Valley

1.Fall's End

Publisher: Dao Qi

Description: Liberation of the late autumn town

Return (ie the number of resistance points raised after completing the mission): 900

For safety reasons, it is recommended to rebel points before the completion of 4500.

  1. Good Samaritan

Publisher: Jie Long

Description: Woodson pig farm saves civilians

Return: 600 + 50 * 3 (3 civilians)

This mission is the "bird and beast" predecessor mission. The return is the theoretical point.

3.The Scattered Flock

Publisher: Jie Long

Description: Rescue 14 civilians in the Dutch Valley

Return: 600 + 50 * 14

4.The Widowmaker

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Cylinder granary grabs widow making machine

Mission reward points: 600 + 50 * 1 (1 cult VIP. Can not kill)

5.Hit the Gas

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Grab two cult tankers back to the end of autumn town

Return: 600 + 75 * 2

6.The Revelator

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Destroy the cult reloading vehicle

Return: 900

Beiwei Mountain Area

1900 arrested 1. Forced to enter the main line task "weak world"

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Mountain Armed Forces" opens

3400 Warning 1

5150 arrested 2. Forced to enter the main line task "Strong is the only way"

6000 Resistance Level 2

7000 arrested 3. Forced to enter the main line task "sacrifice the weak"

10000 arrest 4. Forced entry to the main line task "Only you"; Main line task "missing in action", "search and rescue", "freedom" scrap

This area is not a big surprise. The three missions of killing Matt’s head are Eli’s three reimbursement.

In addition, there are rumors that the "mountain armed fleet" will be scrapped during liberation, which I have been skeptical about. It is now confirmed that this task can be done at any time.

Sensitive tasks in the Beiwei Mountains

Missing in Action

Publisher: Eli

Description: Save the visitor center and the hostage of the Hawkeye Tunnel

Return: 600 + 50 * 6

2.Search and Rescue

Publisher: Eli

Description: Rescue 20 civilians in the Beiwei Mountain area

Return: 900 + 50 * 20

3.Get Free

Publisher: Eli

Description: Haojing Hotel replaces the tape

Return: 900

Hengben River

400 blessing 1

500 arrested 1. Forced to enter the main line task "faith of faith"

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Armed Ships in the River" opens

3400 Blessing 2. Capture 2, forced to enter the main line mission "bliss", "Hope County Prison"

7000 Resistance Level 2

8200 Blessing 3. Capture 3. Forced to enter the main line task "Ignorance is blessing"

11800 Warning 1

13000 arrested 4. Forced to enter the main line task "cruel lesson"

First of all, the results of multiple tests. The capture node has a slight difference every time. The reason is unknown, here is one of the results of my test. For reference only.

Cross-League Hideouts
Previously, you had a hideout per league and had to re-grind for favour/decorations in each league and customise a new hideout from scratch. This meant that people's amazing creations were soon relegated to the Standard leagues and only a few players continued to make high-effort hideouts league after league.

With the new system, your hideouts, favour and decorations are shared across all leagues. Because these systems are entirely cosmetic and provide no gameplay advantage, there is no competitive advantage to starting a new league with an incredibly detailed-looking hideout. It will, however, save you a lot of time setting a new one up.

You can have a different hideout set up for each tileset, and can swap between them at will.

Saving and Sharing Hideout Templates

In Path of Exile: Betrayal, you can export your hideout to a file on your computer, and import it later. This system can be used as a way to either save your work before doing something experimental with your hideout, or as a way to share hideouts with other community members.

When you attempt to load a hideout from an exported file, it will only restore the decorations that you have available on your account. In a later update, PoE will look into features that let you automatically purchase (with favour or, if they are from the store, microtransaction points) missing decorations.

(Note that this won't work on console. PoE is still assessing whether or not PoE will be able to make this possible in future.)

Hideout Sizes and Master Limits Removed

In the old system, hideouts would upgrade from one size to another as you levelled the Masters up. This would unlock specific parts of the hideout that were previously inaccessible. You also gained more slots to hold masters, and had to level the hideout up to maximum size to have all the Masters in your hideout at once.

In the new system, each hideout is fully available at maximum size as soon as it's unlocked. The sizes do vary from tileset to tileset as appropriate for the theme of the area. There are now no limits to how many Masters can be in your hideout at once.

New Tilesets and Decorations

In addition to new decorations, there are also plenty of new hideout tilesets available for you to choose from. These new tilesets can be encountered in the world and are unlocked on your account forever (not just in this league) once you full-clear them of the monsters inside. Certain tilesets will be rarer than others. Hideouts often contain some on-theme decorations that are unlocked alongside them. PoE also plan to add some premium hideout tilesets to the microtransaction store in the future.

While there's no need to grind Master levels to unlock gameplay systems (such as crafting or vendor options), Masters have Favour Levels which unlock more decorations as you do more missions for them. Like with other hideout progress, these Favour Levels are shared between leagues, so you don't need to grind them from scratch in a new league.

PoE has also made some small quality-of-life improvements to the process of editing hideouts. For example, you now purchase hideout decorations directly from the decoration stash without having to go and talk to the individual Master who granted that decoration.

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Football is most likely the greatest game on the planet. Armies of fans see their groups sink into distinction or lose their desires. It is a sumptuous game, where players get millions for the diversion in the field.

With so much energy and cash in games, it's not amazing that soccer administrators apply a greatly solid weight that isn't for everybody. With Football Manager 2019 Steam CD Key EU, fans currently have the chance to carry out the responsibility they have constantly longed for. Deal with your most loved club and search for magnificence.

You will get exploring reports about the potential players you require in the virtual store, from the U18 groups to the U23 groups, to the capability of the primary group.

Marking a player isn't as simple as cash and wages. You ought to consider the specialist's rate and the level of past clubs that purchased the player on the off chance that you move them later. While contracting a player, you should likewise ensure that all your group pursues the guidelines of the national class.

You would get messages when the British government would rename players from Europe and consider when setting up their group for the season.

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rainbow 1.jpg

Operation method: first determine the direction of the face, and make the standard in the direction of the face. Push the right rocker down and push it up twice.

rainbow 2.gif

Neymar took the ball in the middle circle, the two defenders in the back, a defender in front, and there was a huge gap behind the defender in front. I decisively used the rainbow to pass the ball and kicked the defender who was forced to grab it. Blocking, it will be a foul, it is likely to let opponents eat cards.

rainbow 3.gif

In this case, using rainbows is too difficult to be blocked, either passed or fouled.

rainbow 4.gif

After Neymar got the ball on the edge of the penalty area, there was only one defender in front of him, and behind him was the big gap in the bottom line, and I happened to be 2-3 positions with him. Get to the bottom line quickly, then pass the middle and finish the score.

Also in the front line of the penalty area, the opponent player has only one defender staring at Neymar. At this time, I am 2-3 feet away from him, and I judge that he is about to come and steal me. Of course, the most important thing is that the defender Behind him is a neutral.

Remember, the gap is large, in order to release the rainbow. After I cast a rainbow, I passed the Ding Ding to the score and finished the score.

I believe that after reading the above demonstrations, everyone has a new understanding of when the rainbow has been released.

Make up a rainbow defensive end app.

rainbow 5.gif

Here, after Marcelo took the ball, the opposite side has started to mad dog flow all over the place, I can defeat the opposite mentality in order not to be broken. In the case of determining that the gap is sufficient, boldly use Marcelo to use the rainbow, and after the opposite, the game will be suspended soon.

Therefore, I am good at using rainbows. In addition to being beautiful on the offensive end, there are two great uses.

  1. Restrict the flow of mad dogs.
  2. Fighting the opposite mentality.

to sum up

  1. Rainbow is the first to determine the direction in which the player faces, otherwise the wrong button will be pressed.
  2. Rainbow is too popular, you need to have a huge gap behind the defender.
  3. Before the rainbow passes, you need to maintain 2-3 positions.
  4. Rainbow is extraordinary, the most perfect situation is that you can actively judge the opponent's defensive players have a tendency to steal.

I have a great sense of accomplishment when I use a successful rainbow. I wish you all the best in this movement. You can learn more FIFA 19 tips on and get cheap game CDKeys on

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream returns to FIFA for Halloween. Until November 1 we can get a template of 23 beasts loose shapes by FUT. These beasts will be present as special player items. And they will allow them to receive power-ups throughout the FUT season. But only in two of the six categories of statistics. The players will not know when or how much statistics will be enhanced, so everyone will have to go with their eyes wide open. This year, power will be much bigger for footballers. So we'll have to find them before they disappear in the night.
The 21 metamorphos players, which we can now download, are the following:
• Sergio Busquets. His physical presence, combined with his experience, makes him a terrifying figure.
• Marco Verratti. Verratti is able to transform the quieter fields into a scene from a horror movie.
• Pepe This defense will make the work of rival strikers torture.
• Diego Costa. The Spanish player is a specialist in barriers against the ball or emerging from nothing to score.
• Mario Mandžukić. The Croatian striker wears many masks and is endowed with mind and muscle alike.
• Mario Balotelli. Balotelli is the nightmare of Ligue 1, where he spends all his energies in scoring all possible goals.
• Bas Dost. This giant Dutch striker has been one of the most prolific in Europe during the past two seasons.
• Emil Forsberg. The most disturbing quality of this Swedish player is his versatility.
• Xherdan Shaqiri Although his left leg is dangerous, Shaqiri uses both to throw cannon shots into goal.
• Hakan Çalhanoğlu. Dangerous, cunning and creative with dead balls.
• Javier Mascherano. This Argentine is a complete player, known for his dreadful attitude.
• Marouane Fellani The midfielder is a specialist in fanning the flames of chaos.
• Salomon Kalou. Kalou is a threat that no defense wants to deal with.
• Rafinha. Pillar of Bayern Munich, brings everything a midfielder should have.
• Troy Deeney. This fierce player makes his rivals fear him in every game.
• Martín Cáceres. Thanks to its strength and height, Cáceres imposes in the field.
• Guillermo Ochoa. The Mexican guardamenta counts on a great palmarés like international.
• Omar Abdulrahman The versatile midfielder is a specialist torturing his defensive rivals.
• Tyrone Mings. The left defender moves with versatility in both directions.
• Ethan Ampadu It causes panic to his rivals every time he touches the ball.
• Jason Denayer. The young Belgian defender is a danger in front of the goal.

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A Beginner's Guide To Battlefield 1 Multiplayer

By cheapfifacoins, 2018-12-13


War zone 1's multiplayer is exceptionally serious. While the diversion shows you a few nuts and bolts amid the battle, it doesn't do a lot to clarify what's happening in the multiplayer. Try not to stress, doughboys and ladies: I'm here to help!


Know Your Game Modes

War zone 1 has six multiplayer modes right now:

Victory is the bread and butter method of any Battlefield amusement. In it, two groups go head to head to a catch hails around the guide. Holding these positions gives you focuses. The objective is to achieve 1,000 points. The more banners you hold, the quicker you get focuses. Moreover, murdering individuals from the foe group likewise adds to your point add up to.


Surge includes a group of aggressors and protectors. The safeguarding group needs to shield broadcast posts from the assailants. The greatest change in this mode is that aggressors have a constrained measure of lives, called "tickets." Each passing costs one ticket—run out and you lose. You need to catch different presents in an arrangement on win a match.


War Pigeons capacities like a catch the banner mode. Little groups contend to catch a pigeon some place on the guide. In the wake of catching the pigeon, they should clutch it for a brief timeframe before it will be discharged. Discharging a pigeon gathers a huge gunnery blast on the guide and generates another pigeon to catch. You should catch and discharge three pigeons to win.


Group Deathmatch is actually what you would expect: Two groups contend to achieve a specific number of slaughters. This number shifts relying upon what server you're playing on. The group to get the required number of slaughters first wins.


Control takes the center idea of Conquest yet shrivels the size. Groups are littler and maps are more dense. The objective score is just 100. Else, it works precisely like the customary Conquest mode.


Activities is Battlefield 1's most conspicuous multiplayer mode. Tasks are quite cool however can be exceptionally befuddling for new players. Activities work as something of a mix of Conquest and Rush. Two groups go head to head. The assaulting group has three contingents, which are essentially simply ticket-based assault waves. Protectors don't have tickets. With these restricted brigades, the assailants should successively overcome areas on numerous maps. The number shifts relying upon which Operation you are playing.


To catch a segment, the aggressors need to catch two control focuses. When they have authority over the two points, they drive the safeguards back to the following division. This procedure proceeds until the point that they either control all segments or go through three contingents of tickets. In the event that any of this appears to be confounding, I suggest the recordings by Westie that have been making the round. They complete a great occupation of clarifying modes comprehensively. Here's his video for Operations:


Tasks are my favored method to encounter Battlefield 1 since they are always showing signs of change. On the off chance that a group is battling, they may be given uncommon focal points between rounds. Heavily clad tanks, airships, or war vessels will be given to a group lingering behind. There's likewise an account through-line that plays between the matches relying upon who is winning.



Try not to stress over your slaughter/demise proportion.

War zone is about focuses. It's tied in with catching positions and requesting squads. It's about targets. Play the target, pursue squad arranges, and don't stress excessively over kicking the bucket. Everybody kicks the bucket. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you play hard and carry out your responsibility, you can contribute more going 7-13 than 18-2.


Stamp all foes.

In the event that you see a foe, you should check them promptly. R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One, or Q on PC will put a red marker on the foe. This makes it simple for you and your group to spot them. Crush that catch notwithstanding when you don't really observe baddies. Now and again you'll uncover somebody of stowing away.


Lead your squad, sergeant!

I made a whole post about this, yet on the off chance that you are the pioneer of a squad, you have to issue orders. It's much the same as checking: Point to a target and hit the spot catch. You will have the capacity to assign a point for assault or barrier.


Switch packs on the fly.

At the point when people kick the bucket on the combat zone, you can take their weapons and packs. Did a Medic simply pass on close you? Take their pack and resuscitate them with their provisions.


Point where adversaries are going, not where they are.

Shot material science matter in Battlefield. Try not to flame at where somebody is, fire at where they will be. In the event that shooting over a more extended separation, be set up to represent shot drop.


Steeds are enchantment!

This is a fun one: If you're ever in urgent need of ammunition and nobody is around to offer it to you, simply hop on a steed and get off. Full ammunition!


Great job, you've been advanced.

Procuring focuses builds your dimension and ups your position. You get "war bonds" each time you level up. These are the cash you use to purchase new weapons. To get them, go to "modify your loadout" when you bring forth. You'll have the capacity to purchase out new firearms and prepare them.


Classes have their own leveling framework.

You level up your position in various classes by playing as them. You open new weapons for buy at certain class levels. Despite everything you'll need to get them with war bonds, so plan in like manner!


Battlepacks are horse crap.

Once in a while after a match, you will haphazardly get a battlepack. These RNG-based cases open distinctive skins for your weapons. Remember that getting a skin does not open that weapon. You can transform skins into scrap to purchase higher quality packs in the event that you need, however else they don't generally change the amusement much.


Utilize your sidearm.

Guns are shockingly successful in Battlefield 1. You have a M1911 as a matter of course over all units. It's incredible. Guns are marvelous in more tightly spaces and are flawless to change to on the off chance that you have a frail foe however no ammunition in your essential. Try not to falter to utilize them!

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